My Little Devil. Or shall I say Angel 😊

2021.09.21 03:33 BeneficialPudding576 My Little Devil. Or shall I say Angel 😊

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2021.09.21 03:33 53_WorkNoMore Cyser is now Carbonated

I made a cyser back in December. I’ve probably consumed about 15 bottles over these past few months…each one getting a bit better
The last bottle I opened was carbonated. I did not carbonate the batch…all previous bottles were not carbonated. I have not had another one since the carbonated bottle.
How could this happen? Any ideas?
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2021.09.21 03:33 gibzar292 2005 Ford Escape P0193 Code

Last week when I was running to the gas station with 20kms to empty threw a service emissions system on the instrument cluster and check engine light came on. Tossed a reader on and got P0193 which google said was most likely the Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor. Replaced that today and the code cleared itself. Before tossing the new part on checked the connections and vacuum line to make sure they were fine. I'm hoping this means the issue is resolved but is there anything more I can check? As far as I know my car won't actually output and fuel pressure readings to an OBD2 reader.
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2021.09.21 03:33 Josephcooper96 entrance to my settlement in AC valhalla

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2021.09.21 03:33 ninjaboynick Zac Man$on - Same Nigga [Official Music Video]

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2021.09.21 03:33 ej283fn384 MFWTK, what's on Hunter Biden's laptop and why are we not allowed to talk about it?

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2021.09.21 03:33 SilentHuman8 What is your least favourite element on the periodic table?

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2021.09.21 03:33 mikeking00 Thoughts on paying homage to the 2001-02 NJ Nets Finals team for the 20th Anniversary with a throwback jersey?

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2021.09.21 03:33 AggressiveChange7383 octopus

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2021.09.21 03:33 paya420 TL from NE Region looking to relocate

Looking for a change of scenery and advice around relocating to another region. How have the regions compared? Are your jobs the same? I’m often told that the Northeast doesn’t compare to any other region and we are top performers for the most part. I’m in my late twenties looking to move out of my home state and have a different environment, I’m also looking for recommendations around location. What’s the surrounding area of your store like?
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2021.09.21 03:33 williams1753 Antelope ropa vieja

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2021.09.21 03:33 Bigboytears22 Do these bumps on a fresh thigh tattoo look normal to yall?

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2021.09.21 03:33 CG5882022 Y'all know why I'm here

Got no one to talk to, if you wanna, dm me
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2021.09.21 03:33 hear-tbreaklane What are the things that needs to be talked about before our first visit?

We’re planning to meet for the first time sometime between January - March of 2022. What are the things that needs to be established / talked about beforehand? I’m a bit of a planner and wanted to make sure that we cover all the bases beforehand.
The only things I could think about are these: • Visa arrangements • Who’s paying for what • Where to stay.
I’m sure there are other things that we need to talk about. Things that you wish you had known before your first meeting? I just can’t think of anything else right now.
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2021.09.21 03:33 babykakes30 29[F4R] Bored mom looking for legitimate friends

Hey there! I'm a mom with way too much on my plate and I need someone to talk about anything and everything with. I spend my days playing teacher, chef, housekeeper, and animal wrangler. In my free time I like to do anything but those things.
If you are interested or whatever just hit me up. I'm nice, I promise.
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2021.09.21 03:33 WrestleNova Sami Callihan Undergoes Surgery After Suffering Broken Ankle

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2021.09.21 03:33 FleshAndBloodBot The Calling Las Vegas 2021 Round 11

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2021.09.21 03:33 thepuck04 MRW someone tells me "you look like you're doing ok"

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2021.09.21 03:33 Chewbock Blep

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2021.09.21 03:33 MacronX Different Strokes (Prank Calls)

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2021.09.21 03:33 TheCrowbarXC Aeseria Roleplay [] Looking for builders and roleplayers for story-based world-building

Hello builders and roleplayers!
I am looking for dedicated free-time builders and roleplayers to join me on my work in-progress server known as the World of Aeseria. In this server, we are working on creating a place of roleplay and world-building. We are mostly looking for builders who would also like to roleplay in creative mode world-building experience. The story is woven and created through me and the players. We offer a great server with great people, great tools and assets to assist with world-building, and a completely custom-made map for the world. The map has a huge continent with many biomes and such.
The story as of now goes as follows:
Two brothers get caught in a terrible storm at sea and during the storm they are teleported into the mystical world of Aeseria. Upon losing everyone on the crew aside from themselves, they find the shore of Aeseria. There they settle in on the shore and explore to meet the natives of Aeseria. Then, they discover a group of people known as The Legion, a nation set out to find more land and establish a colony in Aeseria. What happens next is up to you and me. Join today!
If this sounds interesting to you, please drop your discord or add mine TheCrowbarXC#9927
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2021.09.21 03:33 outofthegravity Is there an on campus job fair soon? Where they hire students to work on campus?

bottom text
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2021.09.21 03:33 Polyphemus117 A State Senator and Prominent Businessman Was Murdered by a Masked Gunman. Was It Due to His Underworld Ties?

On the morning of December 2, 1929, 53-year-old Joseph Mogler did not let the cold stop him from his daily inspection of the Mogler Theatre. It was the flagship of three cinemas he owned in the St. Louis, Missouri area. One of the first businesspeople in the area to recognize the potential of movie houses, he had made his fortune through this kind of hands-on approach. Even his election to the Missouri State Senate in 1926 had not stopped Mogler from checking up on his theaters daily.
This fastidious schedule would prove to be fatal. As Mogler entered the theater, he was confronted by the sight of two masked men who had overpowered the night janitor Edward Phinney. The taller of the two fired a single shot into Mogler's head, and fled into the winter cold as Phinney ran to a telephone to call for help. It would arrive too late for Mogler, who was pronounced dead on the scene.
The police questioned several suspects in the following days, but ultimately no prosecutions were made. Mogler was extremely popular with the public, especially given his habit of giving out cash to patrons of his theaters on holidays. However, there was one aspect of Mogler's life that the police latched onto as providing a possible explanation for the murder- he would frequently sign bail bonds for local gangsters, usually without expecting compensation. This appeared to be the full extent of his ties to the underworld, and Mogler had apparently been uncomfortable providing even that small service- shortly before his murder he had confided in his wife that he intended to distance himself from that particular clientele. Nevertheless, it is a starting point.
However, this does not necessarily narrow down the suspects. Unlike other cities under Prohibition, which were dominated by one singular syndicate, St. Louis had no fewer than seven different gangs vying for control of the lucrative bootlegging rackets. Gunfights with automatic weapons and car chases with souped-up armored limousines were sadly common occurrences on St. Louis streets throughout the Twenties. This instability and the potential for massive profit attracted the attention of hoodlums outside the area who tried to gain their own foothold. At various points, Illinois racketeers such as Williamson County's Charles Birger, Springfield's Frank Zito, and even Chicago's legendary Al Capone all tried to claim territory in St. Louis. The Ku Klux Klan were yet another vicious player in Southern Illinois and Eastern Missouri, using violence to enforce Prohibition and enjoying the opportunity to fight the predominantly Italian, Irish, and Jewish gangsters- all groups on their hate list. Even the St. Louis police force were frequent participants in the violence, with squads of detectives arming themselves with Tommy guns and ambushing mobsters at home or on the street.
Amidst this urban chaos, it is perhaps not surprising that overextended investigators were unable to find any solid leads. Mogler's death threw his businesses and finances into disarray, and his widow was forced to sell off the theaters. All have since been demolished, and a forlorn empty lot lies where once stood the proud building that bore State Senator Joseph Mogler's name- and ultimately became the scene of his death. As of 2021, no one has been definitively identified as the killer, though many historians matter-of-factly describe the death as a mob hit without any definite proof.
Who could it have been? A hitman sent by local racketeers upset with his decision to step away from underwriting bail bonds? An out-of-town rival seeking to undermine the locals by depriving them of a useful resource? A vigilante killing by the Klan or a cop gone too far? Perhaps it was completely unrelated to the bail bonds. A political rival, a poorly planned robbery, some personal slight.
As the murder approaches its 100 year anniversary, we must reluctantly admit that we will probably never know.

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2021.09.21 03:33 JeenBaas 200x25 or 100x22 ?

Hi there,
I was wondering which of these two binoculars I should buy, the 200x25 or 100x22?
I had read that the 200x25 has a farther reach than the 100x22, but does that mean I can only use it for certain distances? Or could I use the 200x25 also for close to medium ranges?
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2021.09.21 03:33 kobony Original Art Acrylic/Wood Painting,38W x 30H x 3D cm,Stanley Bermudez Abstract,Modern,Fine ArtAbstract. Contemporary,Colorful,Non Representational,Hard Edge,Chinese Windows

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