i drew the bleach beach album cover :)

2021.09.21 03:57 Goog1eDocs i drew the bleach beach album cover :)

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2021.09.21 03:57 kobony Original Art Oil/Spray Paint/Acrylic Painting,76W x 97H x 3D cm,Carlos Maneiro Fine Art,Abstract,Abstract ExpressionismAbstract. Political,Venezuela,Latinamerican,Primarycolors,Abstract

Original Art Oil/Spray Paint/Acrylic Painting,76W x 97H x 3D cm,Carlos Maneiro Fine Art,Abstract,Abstract ExpressionismAbstract. Political,Venezuela,Latinamerican,Primarycolors,Abstract submitted by kobony to plipart [link] [comments]

2021.09.21 03:57 whoamanwelcometo Did 9/11 really happen?

Think about it now logically how could 9/11 happen. It couldnt if you use your brian like that many people in one building. And besides aint buildings made to withstand that. Fake!
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2021.09.21 03:57 devilz333 Mitsubishi Evo

Mitsubishi Evo
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2021.09.21 03:57 MechanixOfDeth Is this Messenger good?

I just went flawless for the first time and I got a messenger. Itโ€™s got cork or full bore with high cal rounds or flared mag. Then traits are Moving target and celerity.
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2021.09.21 03:56 galaxim3 What are some things that only GenZ'ers would say?

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2021.09.21 03:56 EasymodegamerA113 Do i even have to say anything?

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2021.09.21 03:56 Sciencebitchs Merlin is looking dapper in his new collar

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2021.09.21 03:56 plaidmantydai [Positive] for u/JaNastyRa (Buyer)

Overall good experience with this buyer. Would definitely work with this user again.
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2021.09.21 03:56 One_Kaleidoscope_271 Ignore resistance x immunity

Ignore resistance x immunity I made a build that i saw a youtuber using and i got a question.

Since [eternity shroud] ignores chaos resistance what would happen if i hitted enemies that have chaos immunity?

I just got home from work and dont have time to test probably till next weekend.

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2021.09.21 03:56 charlie41683 $75 parking lot 3600x

So I scored a 3600x for $75 bucks. It works fine but I want to overclock it and know nothing about over clocking. The gentleman I bought it from said it wasnโ€™t a good overclocker. Best he got it to was all core 4.2. I have an Asus x570 e-gaming I scored used to, I just want this to work as best as it can while we wait for these ridiculous prices to go down. It was a 1st day launch cpu and Iโ€™ve read that they donโ€™t overclock very well but wanna try any ways. Any help is greatly appreciated thx. Yes I have watched the overclocking videos but so many do it so differently it got confusing for this old man. Thx
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2021.09.21 03:56 shirttailsup Suspect apprehended.

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2021.09.21 03:56 Jahthebaddest [WDYWT] ๐Ÿค๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿค

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2021.09.21 03:56 Cheffie43 My first new kit in 25 years. Major downsize from the old huge rock kit.

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2021.09.21 03:56 Nord4Ever Any free to join affiliate marketing sites as an advertiser?

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2021.09.21 03:56 Grusselgrosser Selfie with bandaid

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2021.09.21 03:56 Bonus_money $15 Free. Just Download The App And Register. Easiest Money Around. No Deposit Required.

Hi! ๐Ÿ‘‹ Join me on the SoFi mobile app! You can save, spend, trade and borrow โ€” all in one app. Use my link to sign up and youโ€™ll get $15 cash rewards. https://sofi.app.link/aeXVIMPMEjb
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2021.09.21 03:56 RSlashLazy [Xbox] [H] Crimson Standard Boost [W] 500 Credits

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2021.09.21 03:56 gnarwhite Which leatherman to pick

So as the title suggest Iโ€™m looking to pickup another leatherman. I currently have a wave+ but was recently made aware of their 40% off for students. I was eyeing the Free P4 but wanted some suggestions. Thanks!
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2021.09.21 03:56 suitcase270 Sick

17F here.
I don't have covid (my stepsister had a test and it came back negative). I recently got the cold that had been going around in my house and I realize how bad it was.
My throat feels like someone scratched it. It hurts and feels dry/scratchy. It's been 11hrs and it still hasn't gone away. I've drank two cups of tea to help, and while they did I can't drink anymore.
Any ideas on how to help my throat?
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2021.09.21 03:56 Silent_Wanderer_2021 Rower's Bay Park - ASMR Virtual Travel

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2021.09.21 03:56 lucifer205 Reddit, what is a band/artist that everyone loves and one that everyone hates?

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2021.09.21 03:56 Latter_Surprise_2848 15" rims on a 2000-2004 Outback

Just picked up some cheap 1st gen Outback rims which are alright condition. Question is are they too small to fit on my 2nd gen Outback? Annoying but not a big loss if so.
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2021.09.21 03:56 GibbonPass Landscape Plant ID in Cincinnati OH, Nibbled by Housecat

Landscape Plant ID in Cincinnati OH, Nibbled by Housecat I noticed our cat nibbling on this plant in the neighbor's mulch bed. I'm seeing a few different types of leaves here, and perhaps it is a number of different plants growing all over eachother. I'm not sure. Cat has been pretty ill since then, and he is headed to the vet, but I'm not sure if it is plant related. Thanks, everyone.
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2021.09.21 03:56 black_apple07 Word2Vec model in NLP module

I've come back to this badge module because i will not let it defeat me. However, can someone explain whether I am doing this correctly.

  1. Why are we using a vector (or matrix) of size vocab * embedding, and then we split in into two halves for input and output? A standard model should have 2 VXN weight matrices so I am confused about this. e.g. order should be
    1. hidden = [input @ W1] where W1 is the first matrix of VXN
    2. output = [hidden @ W2.T] where W2 is the second matrix of VXN and transposed to NXV
    3. final_output = softmax(output)
    4. compute loss and begin back().
I have this code done currently, but I am confused how to do it.
``` class Word2VecModel(nn.Module):
def init(self, vocabsize, embedding_size=300): super().init_() self.vocab_size = vocab_size self.embedding_size = embedding_size # TODO: Use randn to initialize a tensor for vocab_size vectors # each of size embedding_size vectors = torchtorch.tensor(torch.randn(vocab_size,embeddin_size)) self.vectors = nn.Parameter(vectors)
def forward(self, batch, samples=None): inputs = batch[0] # TODO: Obtain the input vector portion (the first self.embedding_size//2 # entries of the input vectors) of self.vectors for inputs input_vectors = self.vectors[:self.embedding_size//2]]
# TODO: If this is a CBOW model, # compute a continous bag-of-words over the input vectors if input_vectors.dim() == 3: input_vectors = #what do I do here? if len(batch) == 2: # Full Softmax # TODO: obtain the output portion of all vectors # HINT: you can index into the last dimension of tensors with any number # of dimensions by using the following notation tensor[..., idx] target_vectors = self.vectors[self.embedding_size//2:] #no idea what the hint is asking # TODO: compute scores between input and output vectors # via matrix multiplication (you'll need to transpose output_vectors) scores = target_vectors * ([input_vectors @ target_vectors.T]) else: # Negative Sampling outputs = batch[1] # TODO: obtain the output vectors only for samples output_vectors = # TODO: compute scores between the input vectors and the output vectors # First, you'll need to expand the input vectors along dimension 1 using # unsqueeze() so that the input vectors are now of shape (batch_size, 1, embedding_size) input_vectors = # Then you'll need to transpose the output_vectors along dimensions 1 and 2 # so that the output_vectors is of shape (batch_size, embedding_size, k + 1) output_vectors = # Now a matrix multiply should yield a tensor of size (batch_size, 1, k + 1) # and you can get the matrix of scores by calling squeeze() to get a tensor # of size (batch_size, k + 1), which should match the size of labels scores = return scores 
If anyone has done this part, or at least knows what i am not understanding and can help me, this would be much appreciated.
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