Why is there random lines on the snow? Is it something I can fix in settings (Java)

2021.09.21 04:50 mYnnTSwami Why is there random lines on the snow? Is it something I can fix in settings (Java)

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2021.09.21 04:50 lipglossgirl18 People who got with someone way out of your league how did it happen and how does it feel?

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2021.09.21 04:50 Rare_Nectarine_7620 We have to make a dollar a fami.

Do you remember the ctrm earlier this year? You have to make a dollar for "fami". We need to get together. The company has a surplus, has no debt, and has a lot of cash.
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2021.09.21 04:50 invario The PTSD is real

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2021.09.21 04:50 Person822 What’s valuable here?

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2021.09.21 04:50 Impossible-Algae2258 My dream of implants was crushed. $25,000 I was told I needed 2 days before surgery.

I’m 48 and chemo destroyed my fragile teeth. I was told I needed upper and lowers and was prepared for the 15,000 I was quoted. I would be getting snap on implants that have bars and studs. I hope I’m explaining that correctly.
I have had a few missing teeth that could be hidden for the last 5 years, but if wasn’t for masks I wouldn’t leave my house. I’m embarrassed for my kids to see how horrible my mouth looks. I had been a homemaker hoping to go back into sales after I beat cancer. Who would hire me with my horrible teeth. So I justified the expense with becoming employable.
So, today, two days before my scheduled extractions, I was told about the ‘implant’ cost from the oral surgeon. It is $19,500. And the $5000 needed for temporary dentures. I think my over zealous attitude led me to not ask enough questions. I had looked into this for 3 years but it had never been in the realm of possibility.
Then, surviving cancer, I developed an attitude of now or never. I found a wonderful dentist and when he said the cost was 5000, 10,000 or 25,000 and what the differences were in the implant I assumed it was a package price. He did say the oral surgeon would be additional but my appointment at the surgeon left me elated as he said, “my insurance will cover almost all of the costs.” I never imagined my portion to be $19,500.
My options are limited as I have 4 kids, 2 in college and 2 in school. I feel selfish for even thinking about spending a year of my husbands salary on my teeth when we need so many other things. I could get the extractions without the implant, snd just get dentures, but I’m terrified of that option. I do know that it is so bad that I wear a mask even while eating if in public.
I could get my mom to co-sign (I don’t know if she would), I could make it happen.
My questions are this…
Are implants worth the expense? Are dentures a good alternative? I’m in Pittsburgh, PA, USA is 50,000 the typical total cost of the implant process? Has anyone spent this much and had implants fail?
Any suggestions, ideas, ect. Would help me. Honestly I’ve been so depressed that I might have to give up this dream that I’ve lost the joy of surviving metastatic cancer and the surgery that could have left me paralyzed. I have so much to smile about but am ashamed of my mouth.
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2021.09.21 04:50 thebiki Mom,I made an appointment to speak with my Dr. about my depression

I am terrified and really nervous about how it’s going to go. Please assure me it’s going to be ok 😥I’ve never talked to anyone about this …
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2021.09.21 04:50 Puzzleheaded_Brick_3 Stay safe y’all!

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2021.09.21 04:50 SaltedCaramel01 Doc is moving out ! Let me know if any of you want this lazy rabbit :)

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2021.09.21 04:50 woodsman127 My revenge on a bully in school

Backstory: I have autism and was always harassed for it in school. People calling me "tard" "creep" "failed abortion" etc. One person, I'll call him Jerkjock always gave me a hard time for liking anime and vocaloid. He'd call me names, pull out my headphones and all around be a dick. He'd prank call me and other people he didn't like and, he'd even try to get other kids to smoke or do other illegal things. this went on for a few years.
The Revenge: I started watching Jerkjock to see if he'd do anything stupid or something he could get in trouble for, and I caught him cheating on his girlfriend and trying to get another girl to take drugs. I start recording him talking to the other girl and talking bad about his girlfriend. Once I got enough evidence, I sent the video to the principal and Jerkjock's girlfriend. Jerkjock was suspended for having weed and dumped by his girlfriend. I then proceed to sign Jerkjock up for spam, news texts and other junk before reporting his number to various spam blocking services and his phone provider.
The results: Jerkjock's parents grounded him for the whole school year and he NEVER stopped getting spam on his phone and, to make things worse Jerkjock's parents got a bill for his prank calls to people, which, Jerkjock had to pay. Nobody ever talked to Jerkjock at school anymore and, he became a laughing stock. Jerkjock left my school the next year.
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2021.09.21 04:50 LiviD-i-Cuss Tittaycraft recruitment?

Anybody recruiting for tittaycraft hear about it interested
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2021.09.21 04:50 ethereum88 How to support OriginTrail for Polkadot Auction (will there be one)?

Will OriginTrail be participating in Polkadot parachain slot auctions?
It’ll be great if TRAC can secure one of these slots.
From what I read, securing a parachain slot gives high chance that the token will moon, get listed in an exchange, or both.
What are some preparations we can do to prepare to support TRAC for the auction? (Eg stock up more DOT now to vote for it?)
Or will there be an auction in the first place?
Thanks for any info!
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2021.09.21 04:50 Sonicwisp21 What's the Expectation vs. Reality of released units with no prf/refine

Julius comes to mind, mostly because I want to see what they can do.
Expectations: Dragon Wall and Dragon's Ire against non-dragonslaying units.
Reality: -6 debuff gets bumped up to -7, and grants Atk/Res+5 during combat and healing 8 HP after combat against non-dragonslaying foes.
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2021.09.21 04:50 TheMakerGame12 When ask get report but need if you do

and will be report jesus :) and play Krunker best play but hacks! and post if you like the subreddit now but wait if you return? and krunker lets play game!
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2021.09.21 04:50 DOOMEDMUSKET I have some wax and i’m wondering if it’s possible to put it into an empty cart without using any wax liquidizer? and if it will hit. has anyone tried this?

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2021.09.21 04:50 Jay_Hanma0605 Goodbye isolated, we will miss you, but we love you forever, a memory in the highest point of the map

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2021.09.21 04:50 one_who_grooves T

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2021.09.21 04:50 rustlemyjimmies158 [Homemade] Chocolate Fondant, Blood Orange Caramel, Candied Oranges

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2021.09.21 04:50 mohid2012 iQOO Z5 specifications

Launching on September 23 in China & On September 27 in India

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2021.09.21 04:50 saltandpeppapiggy Who was Cole before Chelsea?

Cole has always been somewhat of a mystery to me, and I often find myself feeling distrustful of him.
I think I finally put my finger on why: it’s like he literally just appeared. And even more than that, he doesn’t seem to have interests or a life that exists outside of Chelsea’s orbit. I could understand this while they were on the show, because it really was her show and not his.
But now? I don’t get it? What is his personality? Interests? Likes? Hobbies? What was pre-Chelsea Cole like? Does anybody know?
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2021.09.21 04:50 friday_panda Who is the most hated music artist/band in the history?

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2021.09.21 04:50 chandlerbongrip i’m still so bitter, but fuck you.

you’re 23 and your girlfriend can’t even get into a bar yet. aren’t you fucking embarrassed? you’ve known her since before she was even legal, you were her fucking boss! you’re such a fucking predator.
your best friend still watches my stories. does he tell you how i’m happy after moving halfway across the country? did he tell you about the date i posted about having yesterday? i hope he sees how good i look in my selfies lol.
the amount of confidence i have is crazy when i don’t have a balding 23 year old whispering in my ear that i’m not good enough, and then tries to finger me when i’m drunk.
it’s not like i’m winning over here though. i still have all of this rage pent up in me for you and what you did to me. for how you never expressed regret or reached out to apologize. i went to therapy, y’know, and i had to relive everything as i explained what you put me through.. and i don’t think it’s helping me heal. i don’t think i’m healing at all, really.
so you get to live in bliss! you get to continue on with your mediocre life without caring about the impact of your actions on the people you (said you) loved. you get to live in the washed up college town that you never even went to college in, the town you’ll probably die in.
i hope sometimes you remember what you did and that it weighs heavy on your conscience (even implying that you have one is such a joke).
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2021.09.21 04:50 dannymanny3 Sound cutting out from Device (Bluetooth + Speakers)

This will happen semi-frequently throughout my daily use. Pixel 5.
Submitted as bug #200480689
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2021.09.21 04:50 soylntgreen 2005 Ford focus nonstart noncrank

Been diagnosing my 2005 ford focus seeing what could be the issue Checked the 20v fuse for the ECM The 30v for the starter I'm looking into the radio capacitoignition capacitor (recommended o line fix) The odd thing is everything on the console powers up, no - - - where the mileage is on the digital screen but I have to wait for parts to open up cuz auto zone, advance autoparts and orileys doesn't stock it, and thats an indicator its broken. The really odd thing is when the power is on, when you depress the shifter button the car beeps at you. Any insight on this specifically? For more info, the car died as I was rolling into a parking spot and it wouldn't start after.
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2021.09.21 04:50 kobony Original Art Acrylic Painting,50W x 50H x 2D cm,Marcos Sanchez ExpressionismWater. Blue,Agua,Water,Azul,Estrella

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