How to grow out

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2021.10.22 14:15 -WLM-Officertrump How to grow out

So I’m 15 and I’m starting to grow my beard but it’s coming in patches and it’s not very thick. How do I grow it out?
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2021.10.22 14:15 Independent-Fig5426 Results are in….we are super confused by them. Our terrier mix I guess isn’t much terrier at all*lol*

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2021.10.22 14:15 Top_Flatworm5535 Ein längst überfälliger Besuch

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2021.10.22 14:15 TomisMeMyselfandI [ASAP] Bright and Efficient Sensitized Near-Infrared Photoluminescence from an Organic Neodymium-Containing Composite Material System

Journal of the American Chemical SocietyDOI: 10.1021/jacs.1c06827
Chen Lyu, Hongfei Li, Shufang Zhou, Guangfeng Liu, Peter B. Wyatt, William P. Gillin, and Huanqing Ye
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2021.10.22 14:15 Fifaultimateteam-UK FIFA 22 Knockout Kings Objectives - How to Complete Requirements

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2021.10.22 14:15 aguyfromucdavis 1 year, 7 months on 5% foam minoxidil. 32 years old

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2021.10.22 14:15 Coltons13 Bungie Help: We have reverted an erroneous change that decreased Candy and Spectral Pages drops from Public Events.

Tweet here
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2021.10.22 14:15 TomisMeMyselfandI [ASAP] Organic Photo-antimicrobials: Principles, Molecule Design, and Applications

Journal of the American Chemical SocietyDOI: 10.1021/jacs.1c08679
Bei Ran, Zuokai Wang, Wenlin Cai, Lei Ran, Wenxi Xia, Weijian Liu, and Xiaojun Peng
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2021.10.22 14:15 bellidez Embracing death

Rejoice Brothers! For today I shall take my first DMT trip. Wish me luck, I'm a little nervous about'it but I'm sure i'll increase my counsciousnes. Later I'll tell u about how it went.
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2021.10.22 14:15 Gavman1995 Wow it’s been a long time!

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2021.10.22 14:15 Fifaultimateteam-UK FIFA 22 Knockout Kings Objectives - How to Complete Requirements

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2021.10.22 14:15 Snoo80535 Hello everyone, I'm a kennen main and I was wondering if any of you guys would be interested in seeing kennen mid videos?

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2021.10.22 14:15 iamryancase Trick or Treat. Ink and acrylic painting by Ryan Case: me.

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2021.10.22 14:15 revangef Post from r/antiamazon fits well here

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2021.10.22 14:15 LilyIvan Does anyone actually like Ally?

I read so many different posts about Ally being a total drag of a person, starting fights ect.
Since Juice died she's already talking about not releasing certain songs of Juice's because they were "disrespectful" and she "knows his vision". Seems like she's riding the clout hard now, when Juice was around she never spoke, now that he's gone its all she does.

Idk just my opinion as an outsider.
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2021.10.22 14:15 Ashamed-Grape7792 What’s Recovery Like After Dental Implants?

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2021.10.22 14:15 Oprie98409 TetherEarn - Stealth Launch at 500 Members

💃TetherEarn (TEARN)|FAIR LAUNCH| Best rewarding coin that gives holders in $TETHER every 1hr just by holding We are developing our liquidity mining farm and our NFTs Marketplace, check the roadmap on our website!
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🌟 Links 🌟 🌟 Website :- SOON 🌟 Telegram:-
🌟 Links 🌟 🌟 Website :- SOON 🌟 Telegram:-
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2021.10.22 14:15 -trofie- Day 675 AAAAA

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2021.10.22 14:15 ULuganda Can anyone tell me how to build Support and Enabler Rosaria?

I've been using her from the beginning of alt account, month ago. But I totally don't have any clue on how to build her. I just slap her Berserker set and call it a day, and it works perfectly so far. I cant think how impossible Inazuma will be without her.
But since I'm hitting AR40 and I really like her synergy with my DPS Barbara (please, don't mad at me) I'm starting to think about how to build her. Most of the guides on YouTube are for Physical DPS Rosaria, and I don't want that.
What artifact set should I aim for? Should I prioritize CR or ER as support? And between Jade Winged-Spear, Favonious Lance, and 3 craftable weapons, which one should I choose?
Thank you :)
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2021.10.22 14:15 Swaipa Tradeprices (Not looking for a trade)

So I saw a pl 130 player and he just dropped me like 1k sunbeam, 1k brightcore, 1k efficient mechanicalparts and 200 lvl 130 maxed traps. I asked him how he got those and he said that you can easily trade them for mats (metal, wood and stone). is it really that easy to obtain said items? I dont really know since i took a break from stw and started playing again like 1 week ago. Back in the days those items werent that hard to obtain, but they werent as worthless as the pl 130 guy told me. And if it is true and you do have some maxed out traps for sale, pls hit me up. This post was not made with the intention to find a trading partner though, Im just really curious about current prices.
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2021.10.22 14:15 ConcertPale Photojournalist turned potential internal photographer for NASA? 🤔

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2021.10.22 14:15 Fifaultimateteam-UK FIFA 22 Knockout Kings Objectives - How to Complete Requirements

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2021.10.22 14:15 Yunashe A small retrospecitve celebrating the end of LD era

What a journey, huh?? Nearly two years ago, on Halloween 2019, we saw the debut of not one, but two new weapon tiers: Limited Weapons (LDs) and Burst Weapons (BTs). And now, the latter one is definitely over, and rumors of a next weapon tier are all over on some Discord servers
Anyway, let's look back at some other features this era brought to us, on chronological order
- Challenge Quests
- Refined Spheres
- LUFENIA Difficulty (LV 200)
- 7* Armor (Attack, Encouragement, Support, Tactics, Unity Keystones)
- Awakening 80 / Call Abilities
- A goddamn pandemic
- Boss Rush
- Divine Summons
- LD Extensions / Calls
- Story Act 3
- Dimensions' End Transcendence
- Realized 7* Armor (8* Armor / Blue Armor)
- A protoype of 6-man quests (which seems to become permanent endgame content next month)
- LUFENIA+ Difficulty (LV250)
- BT realization
- Intertwined Wills (AKA Lost Chapter 2.0)
- Awakening 90 / EX++ / Ultima Weapons

GL also saw the release of three early LDs (Vivi, Balthier, Vincent) and a completely unexpected (and very fun to play) GL First character, Cor Leonis
What about you guys? Which were your favorite moments of this era? Whether you play only GL or JP, or even both
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2021.10.22 14:15 Independent-Ad8340 Helping a friend who is a carer

Hi everyone, I'm wondering if anyone would be so kind as to give any advice you have.
My best friend is caring for her mother who has stage 4 cancer which she has been told is not curable; she is currently not receiving any ongoing treatment. My friend believes she has longer left than doctors think. The rest of her family are more pessimistic. Her parents are separated and her mother doesn't have a partner; none of my friend's siblings are in a position to provide the necessary care and so the role of caregiver fell on my friend. Her mother is very poorly, she cannot do most simple tasks herself and my friend has almost no social life outside of caring for her. My friend doesn't have a boyfriend or go on dates and her life pretty much revolves around caring for her mother. When we go out for an afternoon (which only happens about once every two weeks) she prepares meals for her and rings her mother every couple of hours to check on her.
The main thing that I'm looking for advice on is how to support my friend during this period. She has sacrificed so much to care for her mother and while it is perfectly natural to want to do this I'm concerned that because she is so young (she is 23) that she is giving up too much of herself and her life. Some of her family think that she is in denial about how sick her mother is, although her mother has already survived longer than doctors initially told her. I personally can see her mother surviving a good bit longer as long as she doesn't get an illness or other disease (this is only my opinion obviously not based on medical experience.)
I'm worried about how my friend will cope if her mother deteriorates any further or if the worst happens. I would basically like to know if anyone here has any advice about whether there is anything I can do now to help her with this specifically. My friend has suffered with depression and has had suicidal thoughts in the past and I am anxious that if something bad happens to her mother that she will feel she has nothing to live for.
My own mother also had cancer a few years ago and had a risky and complicated surgery/recovery from surgery so I know how it feels to have the very real worry of a parent dying. However, they were completely different situations because even though my mother was very sick she never stopped receiving treatment and had my father to care for her as well as all of the hospital team of doctors and nurses. In comparison my friend bears most of the heavy lifting in terms of caring for her mother.
TL;DR I'm worried about my friend who has given up her life to care for her mother and how she will survive if her mother passes away
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2021.10.22 14:15 augustoapd ?

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