Black Cherry. Photos make it look pinkish but its great in person!

2021.10.22 14:14 14LOGANMW14 Black Cherry. Photos make it look pinkish but its great in person!

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2021.10.22 14:14 kid_r0cK A Punchy Genshin Intro (Anime Opening? You could call it that.)

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2021.10.22 14:14 YinWithoutYang How Much Older Is Alfred Than Batman?

Honestly, I'm not sure about Alfred's age and that's something that I wanted to know. Does anyone know it?
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2021.10.22 14:14 Kunphen Sen. Joe Manchin Has Been Fighting to Keep Billions in Subsidies for Fossil Fuel Industry

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2021.10.22 14:14 Taz-xSue Mega Absol Raid add 9306 5221 0114 [Inviting 10 - be online]

I’ll be adding 5, leaving & then adding another 5
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2021.10.22 14:14 2ndPersonPlural When and why to dip into food storage or other preps, and the trap of "it could always get worse"

The common knowledge in prepper circles is that people gradually stocking up doesn't strain the system, because it's spread out over time, and retailers and suppliers can adjust well to the demand.
I'm wondering if it's time to re-examine that. How will we know when production and supply chains aren't able to accommodate that anymore? When, say, 5-10% of people buying 50% more than they need to build up a pantry or prepare for shortages is actually a problem? Are we there already? I think a lot of the accepted wisdom is based on a model where everything is normal until a sudden event throws us into survival mode. Now we need to account for a slower kind of SHTF.
I don't just prep to keep myself alive, I also prep to provide some slack in the system when things get tight. With prices rising, and the prognosis on supply chains and production looking pretty bad for the winter, I'm wondering where the tipping point is when we should stop adding to the food storage and start using it to supplement the groceries, both to save money and to decrease demand.
On top of that, prices aren't just rising, they're fluctuating more than they used to. If the cost of rice is high in your area this month because of a shipping delay, or a tweet about possible rice shortages goes viral and everybody rushes the stores, just using stored rice instead of buying more and rotating insulates you from the problem. You benefit, it's cheaper and easier for other people to get rice (depending of course on how many people do the same thing as you), and you can get more rice when the spike it's over. it's a win-win. (I think the reason more people aren't already doing this part is the worry that things could get even worse. I think preps shouldn't just be for TEOTWAWKI. If they'll help you now, use them now.)
Other industries are less volatile than food, but this goes for them as well. Sometimes the best move is to use your stored batteries, propane, bleach, etc rather than buying more. That's why we store them, after all.
It could be good for the image of prepping as well. There was a recent post here about peppers being blamed for supply chain issues. The more people who treat for storage as a flexible buffer rather than EOTWAWKI supplies, the better that image becomes.
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2021.10.22 14:14 SlamDunkerista Considering they were the top of the AAA List of non-English Continental European cinema.......... Why was there never a joint project starring Alain Delon and Sophia Loren as the dueling stars lead?

As I mentioned in earlier post on reddit, I am Portuguese American and it was because my immigrant grandparents would play movies all day long from old VHS that I'd get exposed to movie stars who were at the top AAA list across all of continental Europe (some even managing to penetrate Britain like Ingrid Bergman). Easily their favorites were Sophia Loren and Alain Delon (grandma's crush).
So Sophia Loren and Alain Delon I grew up with and even today there's always a movie of either being played at home. I practically seen every movie of both movie stars.
I really have to ask out of curiosity-how come they never co-starred as leads in a project? Esp since Alain had acted in some Italian projects and was just as much a sex symbol for women as Sophia Loren the bombshell of European cinema?
Hell my grandma and grandpa would even sometimes joke around they wish they were younger again so that they can make use photos they have of Alain and Sophia to turn themselves on in foreplay before they'd go have sex in bed (which they tell me they used to do before they'd go creating my various dad and numerous aunts and uncles of my family lol).
So I'm honestly surprise esp since I seen a Youtuber claim Alain Delon is not just France's star closest in stature and universal fame to Sophia Loren but even call him the closest thing we got to a male Sophia Loren esp regarding non-English speaking actors...........
Why was there never a movie made with Loren and Delon as the leads? I can easily see an action movie involving them under top billing as the romantic lovers in subplot!
So I
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2021.10.22 14:14 Fredric_Chopin How to run an executable hidden through a batch file

I am using win10. have a batch file, its content is:
start /wait "" DOSBox-0.74-3\DOSBox.exe -conf "Configuration.conf"
I want the executable file, in my case the DOSBox.exe to be hidden (Such that the window won't open to the user and the app won't appear on the taskbar). How can I do it?
If it matters, this batch file is intended to run through a C program using the function system()
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2021.10.22 14:14 Rambotrip Smells and tastes like 12 year single malt.

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2021.10.22 14:14 cyberbear2000 Anyone else annoyed by the cultish lingo, self-praise and word salad?

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2021.10.22 14:14 borate58 37m looking for female fubu. Rizal Area.

Looking for girls up to 35 years old.
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2021.10.22 14:14 Ton1206 Mid-cap GEM OriginTrail (TRAC) about to get listed on Coinbase?

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2021.10.22 14:14 MageDA6 102nd Hunger Games- The Games (Final day) and Epilogue

Hey everyone, thank you for the patience. I haven’t had a lot of time to edit this last part over the past week but here it is!! Hope you guys have enjoyed this one and let me know what you guys think!
Crowds were on their feet cheering as Krono and Vivica scrambled to their feet and Mags and Dian thrust their spears forward. They used their swords to knock the spears away as they almost fell causing Mags’ spear to stab Krono’s shoulder and Dian to slip in the wet mud. With his uninjured arm Krono grabbed Vivica and pulled her away and began running as Apple threw a knife into his lower back. He swore out but managed to continue running as he practically dragged Vivica behind him. Apple and Mags ran after him as Dian stood up and threw his spear, just landing into a tree right where Vivica’s head just been. Dian ran and grabbed his spear out of the tree as Mags and Apple ran 20 more meters and stopped when the careers disappeared into the forest. The girls turned to each other with their weapons drawn as Dian caught up with them and shouted at them to stop. Apple glared at them both of them then lowered her knife and began jogging back the way they came.
Mags and Dian looked confused then followed after her, in a few minutes they arrived just as Daphne was pulling the knife out of Beatrice’s shoulder and dropping it to the ground. Dian walked over and asked how she felt and Beatrice said that she was fine and that he shoulder wasn’t bleeding and that it was sore. Dian let out a chuckle as he listened to Mags and Apple. Mags was just trying to thank Apple for helping them when Apple pointed over to the younger tributes and snapped back saying that they were the ones who wanted to help and that she would have just left them and run. Mags became furious at this and the two began to argue when Dian rushed over and told them in a demanding voice to stop fighting with them both shooting surprised looks at him. Dian said that they needed to get along and work together incase the careers came back. Daphne, Junco, and Beatrice all agreed but Mags and Apple refused with Apple saying that it wasn’t going to happen. Mags just glared at Dian as he said that they were less likely to be attacked if they were in a large group and that it could a chance to get some decent sleep.
Mags let out a long sigh saying that Dian was right and that they would go their separate ways in the morning if she agreed. Daphne and Junco began urging Apple to agree until she finally gave in. Dian said they needed to find shelter and water before it got dark with Junco saying they should cross the river and put distance between them and the 2’s. They all agreed and gathered there things and began walking north with Beatrice and Daphne taking the lead. Mags, who was at the tail of the group, yelled to Dian to get moving since this was his idea. It was shown that he stayed back and was looking southwest squatting on the ground. He looked over and called back to her as he stood up and began jogging with viewers seeing him put something into his pocket. Mags quietly said in an annoyed voice why he had offered an alliance with them. Dian whispered back that they had helped and that it wouldn’t hurt to have some extra eyes to keep watch. Mags was still annoyed and about to speak when Dian stopped her and said that she needed to trust him on this. She finally said that she did and that they just needed to be cautious. Dian nodded as they jogged to catch up with the group.
After their escape Krono and Vivica ended up in the southwestern forest and collapsed in exhaustion. After a few minutes of catching their breath they almost instantly began arguing with each other. Viewers were curious if they would turn on each other as the argument heated up to the point where Krono pulled out the knife in Vivica’s leg causing her to curse out at him. She balled her fist and was about throw a punch when the ringing of a sponsor gift stopped them both as it floated down and landed next to Krono. He opened it and pulled out two bandages and glared over at Vivica but he sighed out and handed her one saying that they still needed each other. Vivica’s fist unclenched and she agreed as she grabbed the bandage and placed it over her leg wound. Krono was taking off his shirt when he winced and remembered the knife in his back, He turned to Vivica and asked her to pull it out and without warning she ripped it out. Krono fell to his knees in pain and asked her why she did that, as Vivica laughed and said that it was payback for doing it to her earlier. Krono started laughing as he took his shirt off and said “I guess I did.” Vivica applied the bandage to his shoulder and mentioned that the knife wasn’t to deep and that it had already stopped bleeding. The pair seemed to completely forget the argument and began discussing what to do next, with them deciding to head back to the cornucopia.
As the sun was setting they finally arrived at the edge of the forest but stopped as Vivica said she could see someone up ahead in the cornucopia. Krono whispered that he thought it was the “7” and that he seemed like he was looking for supplies. They gave each other grin and Vivica ran out and threw a knife that hit Stem in the back sending him to the ground with Krono following behind her. Stem looked back and saw the 2’s running toward him and tried standing but realized he couldn’t move his legs. He began to cry as Krono ran forward and kicked his face. He flew back and landed against a cornucopia trunk knocking him out. Krono watched as Vivica ripped the knife from his back then began stabbing him all over before Krono ran his sword through his head sounding his canon. Viewers were cringing at the brutal way of his death with Eugenia saying that at least he was unconscious. When Stem’s body was picked up the sun was now setting and Vivica said she would take the first watch as Krono wiped the blood off his sword and told her to keep an eye out for rain.
Back at the group, they had mostly stayed silent with the occasional chit chat between Daphne and Junco until Mags said she saw some fallen trees. The group ran forward into a small clearing with a few trees knocked over to provide some shelter. As they all put their weapons and now empty water bottles and the bag of bread that Dian still had on the ground, Dian asked who would take first watch that night. Everyone stay silent and e sighed out and said that they all needed to talk to each other or it would be a long night. Their attention though turned to the sound of a sponsor gift floating down next to Junco who said it was for Apple. She crawled over and opened it, pulling out a basket of fruit and a note that read, “Rest and relax tonight. from D.” Dian gabbed his bag and pulled out the remaining bread he and Mags had and offered to trade some for a piece of fruit. Mags did not seem happy with Dian offering the food but when Apple agreed and said that they needed water, Mags said she would go find some with Junco asking to go with her. Mags said that he could as Stem’s canon was heard in the distance. Dian told them to be careful as the walked east with a bag full of bottles.
As they waited for Mags and Junco to return, Daphne asked Beatrice what her life was like in District 6. Beatrice looked sad as she said she had been on her own after the riots killed her older sister and parents but that she had some friends that let her stay with them every so often. Dian asked if she knew her district partner before they were in the games. Beatrice shook her head and said that she knew of him because his parents had been officials in the district and were executed during the purges after the 100th games. Apple interjected and said that hers had been as well. Mags and Junco returned as Apple said this with Junco sadly saying that his parents had been executed too. Beatrice said that this couldn’t be a coincidence and asked Daphne and Mags about their backgrounds with Daphne saying that her family had been critical of the Capitol for a long time and said that her father disappeared just before the 100th games. Mags still looked upset as she said her mother was the only official purged in District 4 and that it was probably just in connection with her family due to their past. Beatrice asked Dian who said that his family had never been disloyal and that his aunt was even against the riots that happened in District 4. Beatrice scoffed and asked him why his aunt was against them, but he just said that it didn’t matter and regardless of what she thought he was still here just like them. A tense silence fell over the group again with Dian and Beatrice staring at each other.
Daphne broke the tension as she said that he had really bad luck, causing him to laugh and say that he thought she was right. Everyone gave small chuckles as Apple began to divide up the fruit, giving everyone two each and Mags passed the bottles around giving each trio two bottles and having a fifth on reserve. As they ate, there was an air of sadness from the previous conversation, that was lightened slightly when Junco asked Daphne what she wanted to do when she got back home. Everyone seemed interested as they looked at her and she said that she missed playing in the wheat fields with her twin brother and older sister and that she wanted to do that again. She then asked Junco who said that he wanted to sew with Ava again and make an outfit with her. Dian chimed in saying that he missed the warm beaches during the summer, with Mags agreeing saying she missed the summer sun. Apple mentioned that she had never seen the ocean and said that she would if she was able to win. Over the next few hours they all talked about their good memories of their Districts and families. Viewers thought this was strange as just a few hours ago they had barely spoken to each other. Eugenia said that it seemed like they had forgotten where they were for a bit as they began laughing as Dian recounted an embarrassing moment he had a few weeks before the reapings happened. But any sense of normalcy though was dashed as Horn of Plenty played and the portraits of, Jewel and Royce from 1, Julia and Grover from 5, Stem from 7, and Beca from 10, showed in the sky leaving only Vivica and Krono from 2, Mags and Dian from 4, Beatrice from 6, Junco from 8, Daphne from 9, and Apple from 11.
As the last portrait faded and the music ended the group looked at each other until Mags said that she would take the first watch with Daphne asking if she could join her. She said yes and the rest of the group went and laid down under the trees and fell asleep. They rotated every couple of hours and just like the day before, it began to rain before sunrise. Krono woke Vivica when the rain began and they quickly fled the cornucopia. The low rumbling was heard again as the sun was rising, waking the rest of the tributes. They all listened carefully as it swept through the arena. Unfortunately no canon’s were heard and Dian even said that he was hoping at least one of them would if been taken out. They all looked at each other as Beatrice said that the night before was fun and that it was a good change to just hang out. They all agreed as they gave each other bittersweet smiles then grabbed their supplies. Each trio wished the other luck and they turned to walk away with Apple, Daphne, and Junco walking west and Mags, Dian, and Beatrice walking south to the river.
A couple hours after they parted ways, they reached the river that was now dry again when Gamemaker Heavensbee congratulated the tributes on making it this far and that as a reward a Feast would be held in one hour. She then wished that the odds be in their favor before ending the announcement that was quickly followed by the screeching sound of foxes coming from the western forest. Mags, Dian, and Beatrice looked worried but quickly agreed to go to the feast. They began running down the river edge until they could see the cornucopia then ducked 20 meter from the edge of the forest and hid behind some jimson weed. As they looked and saw the outlines of Krono and Vivica a canon sounded followed by heavy breathing coming from the west.
It was shown to viewers that the foxes had turned aggressive in the western forest and were now chasing the outlier trio. They sprinted south and just as they could see the top of the cornucopia Apple tripped and yelled at Daphne and Junco to keep running. Junco stopped but was pulled by Daphne as Apple screamed when the foxes began to maul her. With each bite more toxin was injected into her causing her scream in more pain until she finally stopped moving and her canon sounded. Beatrice gasped as she said it was Daphne and Junco. She tried standing but Mags grabbed her had and pulled her back down saying that they were headed to the cornucopia and that they couldn’t help them. Beatrice covered her ears as Daphne and Junco called out for help as Krono and Vivica tackled the pair and dragged them bac to the cornucopia. Dian watched in shock as he saw Vivica throw Daphne into a trunk then tied her up and Krono beating Junco. He urged Mags that they needed to do something as they were distracted. But before they could make a plan Beatrice said that she could run in as a distraction. Dian asked if she was sure, but she said that she wanted to help and that she was dead anyway.
Viewers were on their feet cheering as they realized all the remaining tributes were now in or around the cornucopia and that the feast was also the showdown. As the Feast table rose up with a single bag on it, Junco’s canon sounded causing to Beatrice shoot up and run in toward Krono. He noticed her and began throwing rocks as Mags ran out Beatrice was hit by a large sharp rock in the head and fell to the ground bleeding as Mags threw her spear. Krono swore out as it flew into his thigh and Mags ran forward and kicked him in the jaw. A canon sounded as she pulled the spear from his thigh but before she could ram it forward, Krono punched her in the stomach then in the face sending her to the ground and dropping her spear. As he jumped on top of her and began punching her a second and third canon sounded.
Dain ran around to Vivica as Mags dealt with Krono and Beatrice’s canon finally sounded. He stopped at the edge of the riverbed and threw his spear toward Vivica as he noticed Mags falling to the ground. Vivica brought a rock down on Daphne’s head sounding her canon but then was speared in the head sounding her canon as well. Vivica’s canon provided enough distraction for Mags to punch Krono on the jaw and pull a leg out and kick him in the groin. He let out a gasp of pain but it was soon followed by a canon as Dian had ran over and thrust his spear into Krono’s back, killing him instantly. He fell onto to Mags who now saw Dian standing over her as he yanked his spear from his back. He glared at her but softened his gaze and tossed his spear aside and said that they were the final two and that they had a fight to finish.
Crowds were quiet as Mags pushed Krono off of her and Dian helped her up. They briefly talked with Dian asking Mags to find his aunt and apologize to her for not coming home and Mags apologizing again for him being reaped. Viewers began cheering again when they realized that they were about to fight hand to hand as Mags and Dian raised their fists. Dian threw the first punch taking Mags off balance but she soon recovered and brought her left fist into his nose breaking it and sending him stumbling back where she proceeded to tackle him to the ground. Dian yelp in pain as he landed on a sharp rock that stabbed into his upper back and Mags started punching him. He managed to dodge a punch and was able to shove her but she had wrapped her legs around his chest so they rolled around on the ground punching and slapping each other. After almost 5 minutes of this, Mags got the upper hand and rolled on top of him pinning his arms down with her knees and began to strangle him. He gasped for air and tried removing his arms from under her as she squeezed harder and apologized again as tears filled her eyes. Surprisingly though Dian managed to pull an arm free and punch her causing her to loosen her grip on his throat and arm. He pulled the other arm out and immediately reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife. Mags gave a shocked and pained expression as he stabbed her in the leg and pushed her backwards pulling the knife out. Dian crawled on top of her and apologized saying that he wanted to go home and brought the knife down on to her head sounding her canon almost instantly.
Dian looked down at Mags as tears filled his eyes and kept apologizing before standing up and wiping his bloodied face. He walked over to the feast table and opened the bag and looked inside then began sobbing as he fell to his knees and Eugenia announced that 15 year old Dian Walker was the winner of the 102nd Hunger Games. The cameras returned to the studio where Eugenia said that she was not expecting that with the audience making agreeing but excited sounds.
After the games Dian was taken to Ravenstill Hospital where his cuts and and broken nose were taken care of and deemed to be ok after an over night stay in. The following day was his Victors interview where Eugenia greeted the ecstatic audience in a fitted stone patterned dress with a blue headdress to mimic the riverbed and water. She gave some inspired words about how this Victor is the beginning of a new era of Panem after the struggles of the past few years. The audience was on there feet and cheering as she introduced Dian to the stage who walked out in a pale blue suit with his dark hair slicked back and a coral crown placed on his head. He waved to the audience and walked over to Eugenia who said that he looked handsome in his suit, he thanked her as she shook Rubius’ hand and complimented her dress. They all sat down as Eugenia calmed the crowd and began the interview.
She congratulated Dian on his win, saying that she wasn’t expecting that ending and asked how he felt after winning. He chuckled and said that he wasn’t sure he was going to win either but that he was happy to be alive. The audience applauded him as Rubius asked him about his strategy in the game, and the audience listened closely. Dian said that he wanted to keep things civil with Mags but that after the attack from Krono and Vivica he said that he needed to do anything to win which is why he picked up the knife before they left. Rubius said he was shocked by how quickly Dian adapted to the arena and the tributes around him. Dian thanked him but said that he just did what he had to do to survive. Rubius smirked and said that it was true then bluntly asked him how he felt when he killed Mags, as footage played behind them of Dian stabbing her in the leg. Dian looked away as the scene showed him bring the knife down onto her head. He looked up and glared at Rubius and said, “How do you think if felt” in a very aggressive tone.
Tension flooded the stage as the pair glared at each other, but Eugenia remedied the situation and asked what he was going to do now that he won. Dian broke his glare and smiled toward the audience saying that he was going to have his aunt and cousin stop working and that he wanted to rebuild the fishery in the southern part of the district after it was destroyed in the riots and help with the conservation so they don’t over fish. Audiences seemed to be endeared by him with his honesty and willingness to help his District recover and the rest of the interview went smoothly with his charm carrying him through but the tension between Rubius and Dian was very apparent anytime they spoke.
Dian was a poplar Victor among the Capitol with him going to multiple parties where he was seen with Limerick and surprisingly Annie. Unfortunately when he returned to District 4 his reception was less than favorable with many citizens upset that he killed Mags; he also learned that his aunt and cousin had been killed in a house fire the night of the interviews. Dian was devastated but moved into the Victors Village where over the next year he tried on multiple occasions to talk to Finnick. He was ignored every time and it escalated to the point where Dian got punched by Finnick. After this Annie began writing Dian saying she forgave him and that she understood what he did. After, it was known that Annie and Dian had a close relationship where he would visit her when he was in the Capitol for the Games. He did end up rebuilding the fishery and built a new one that help promote better production on the district. With his conversation effects as well he helped replenish the fish population over the next few years.
During the tour of District 2 the following year, Dian met a 16 year old girl named Alika Seva who worked at quarry he was visiting and the pair exchanged information and began writing each other with Dian visiting her every few months. After he turned 18 he asked Limerick if he would start mentoring again so he could move to District 2 to marry Alika. Limerick agreed and with the permission of the Capitol he retired and went on the marry her six months later. The couple was very happy and welcomed two children a son, Kasimir, and daughter Crest. Sadly the happiness didn’t last when Dian was forced into mentoring again for the 110th Hunger Games and his arrest in year 132 with fellow Victor Delphine in connection to the assassination of the District 2 Representative. Both were later released after not enough evidence connected them to the crime, but many people believe that this is why his two children were reaped in later games for their respective districts.
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2021.10.22 14:14 MelihAng35 Nasılım? Sizin için boş halini attım

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2021.10.22 14:14 MrDaddyMorgan If I hogtie the Auberden (however you spell it, the pig farm) lady, can I turn her into the sherif?

Or will I get a kidnapping bounty?
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2021.10.22 14:14 ObiWanSerote Older people who refuse to figure out how a fucking iPhone or internet work are only making things worse for themselves

I work at Home Depot and I’m tired of telling older customers that the product they’re looking for can be easily found and ordered on the app or website, because they just respond “I’m too old to figure that out.” Like for fuck’s sakes I know your boomer ass didn’t have the internet until like 20 years ago, but Jesus Christ the internet’s been around for a while and so have extremely easy to use mobile phones. Learn how to type in the name of the product you want and order it. Millions of dollars have been put into designing websites that are extremely easy to use and there is absolutely no excuse for not being able to read and type something into google. Fuck old people
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2021.10.22 14:14 Shh_its_me_shhh Advice For pregnancy

Me and my boyfriend are trying for a baby in January 2022 any advice on how I can prepare my body to be physically ready.
PS I’m currently on birth control and don’t know if I should stop now or in January
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2021.10.22 14:14 Benjiboy17120 Season 3 driver moves kinda mad

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2021.10.22 14:14 Toasted-Toast0 How I imagine the employees of ThatgameCompany be like when they’re working:

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2021.10.22 14:14 HalfEazy My only slabs, but I love them

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2021.10.22 14:14 ToyYoda9_6336 I installed avast app on my Samsung phone to control unlocking my phone. Now I cannot remember the password to get into phone (not a pin)and it is not asking me for a biometric print which I thought was setup. How in the world can I bypass a vast on the phone that I cannot get into?

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2021.10.22 14:14 itz_arbaz_8581 Tanjiro Amazing Edit

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2021.10.22 14:14 chrxs60 Snow Stalker (Warlock Build)

I absolutely love this and I have 2 version with different helmets. Let me know what you think? Thanks, if you have any improvements I could make it would be amazing! Also, which one do you prefer?
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2021.10.22 14:14 BigBellyBoi_ ScriptHook

Is there a way to use scripthook without a numpad? I do use the ctrl+win+o shortcut for the "virtual" keyboard but i want it to be easier.
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2021.10.22 14:14 Pwny-Boy (Shenanigans) Crystal Dragonborn wants to Izuna Drop an Ancient Red.

So, I'm kind of leaning hard into meme territory here but, I'm going to be playing a Crystal Dragonborn Rune Knight, presumably to high-tier if everything goes according to plan, and I've worked out with my DM that I have an adversary of an Ancient Red Dragon (who is currently asleep) who sees me as a rare piece of her collection. (Gem Dragons and Dragonborn are thought to be extinct in this setting.)
Here's the thing. I'm playing a Grappler Rune Knight. I want to, once we get to that level of play, be able to set up an Izuna Drop while I'm in Kaiju form. To do this though, I'll probably need to be able to 1, Grapple her, and 2, be able to move her against her will quickly enough to get the altitude with Gem Flight. To do that, she'll need to be within my carry capacity to some reasonable degree.
My fear though is that, even if I were to extrapolate myself out to Gargantuan Size, (Enlarge/Reduce + 18th Level Giants Might), I still don't know if that's enough juice to carry her without halving my speed.
- Taking Powerful Build as a custom feat is on the table per my DM and my Str Score is set at 18, currently.
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