How the turns have table.

2021.11.30 06:23 kamiketa How the turns have table.

How the turns have table.
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2021.11.30 06:23 Sinister-78 Kriti Sanon

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2021.11.30 06:23 latsan1 DoragonLand Established A Partnership With PolkaWar

PolkaWar is a cross-chain not just a decentralized fighting game, integrating NFTs and competitive gaming aspects. PolkaWar also creates a vivid fighting world for players to develop their characters and engage in combat with each other. There would be different weapons and equipment to arm one’s in-game character with.
And To further expand and grow In the NFT gaming ecosystem, DoragonLand Is highly honoured to partner with PolkaWar. Meanwhile, the DoragonLand game is one that uses battle card gameplay and blockchain technology to create fast-paced brawls among dragon warriors where players can duel with others to collect rewards of NFT items and DOR tokens in real-time. DoragonLand is also Known as a 3D tower rush game.
The DoragonLand game was Inspired by Clash Royale. And with this Unique gameplay model, players can build their troops and compete with each other in different battle modes. The gaming experience Is one of a kind as the Character are Strong, Bold and Energetic.
In addition, apart from the great gaming experience. The partnership enjoys so many benefits as PolkaWar will assist from early stages of the project development including providing financial investment and support in marketing and business strategy formulation. And with PolkaWar joining the team, DoragonLand is surely going to be strengthened and have a better chance at being the next generation of NFT gaming.
Finally, The collaboration between DoragonLand and PolkaWar will ensure a promising future with numerous massive opportunities and benefits for both projects.
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2021.11.30 06:23 badhabitsl2u Can you guess the smell?

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2021.11.30 06:23 Doublebirdie 36 [M4F] California/Online - Single serving friend for the evening?

Ever talked to an anonymous internet stranger? A nonjudgmental person who you can share things with you otherwise might not? Have something on your mind you want to talk about? Vent about? Or just in the same boat as I'm in? Up too late, can't sleep, and would rather not be alone if you could.
As for me I'm 36, a Veteran, and European traveler since I was stationed there. I've seen and done a lot. I'm an open book, so ask me anything.
I prefer voice chat on either Discord and Skype.
If any of the above sounded interesting to you, and you'd like a voice chat, send me a message. All I ask is you be 18+ and open to chatting.
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2021.11.30 06:23 edgarcayce06 Chromawing is a fun card

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2021.11.30 06:23 linz02o Peaking

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2021.11.30 06:23 xponentialdesign Crawling In Geometrically | 05-08-β€Ž18 | by Xponentialdesign

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2021.11.30 06:23 Zestful9 Skier Survives Fall Off 150 Foot Cliff

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2021.11.30 06:23 007accountant Do Covid-19 vaccines work against Omicron? 5 things to know about the new variant
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2021.11.30 06:23 jarodchang Question on farming mASSET-UST

HI -
Not able to submit on the MIRRORprotocol subnet so I am asking here:
Say I put a pair of mTSLA-UST into farming - then is it different from going long mTSLA correct?
so either way mTsla price moves - this LP will suffer some impermanent loss correct? Just as you wld incur when staking a crypto pair and in the same loss curve?
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2021.11.30 06:23 qf33 Steam machines would be just perfect NOW.

Imagine it. The steamdeck is handheld - with enough performance to crush a 5-7 year old mid-range gaming pc.
And its price is competitive, but has a lot more hardware which you don't need in a standalone pc.

Currently, in the EU, a PS5 costs about 800 USD. An Xbox Series X costs about 700 USD A mid-range gaming PC costs at least 1000 USD
Now, the steam machine would have everything "most" people are searching for. And less pricey.
Paired with a new Steam OS which runs nearly any game. And can be used like a classic pc or a console in living room.
What do you think?
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2021.11.30 06:23 DryAd7516 πŸ”₯ SUPER HOT πŸ”₯ Black Friday Promotion at CAKE DEFI - Deposit at least 25$ and get 30$ worth DFI plus 5% Freezer Bonus (Referral and instruction inside)

Hi Reddit Community,
hurry up, and get your Black Friday Promotion 30$ worth DFI plus 5% Freezer Bonus at CAKE DEFI.

How to gain the Black Friday Promotion Rewards of 30$ worth DFI plus 5% Freezer Bonus:
(1) Click on w/ my referral-code
(2) Sign-up
(3) Make KYC process
(4) Deposit at minimum $25 (after rewards you can withdraw immediately or send the amount of money back where ever you want)
(5) Be happy w/ 30$ worth DFI plus the 5% Freezer Bonus

Thank you for your support and of course I'm also happy w/ my referral rewards!
Keep on rocking and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.
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2021.11.30 06:23 Stock_Titan TIGR | UP Fintech Achieved Annual Target for New Account Growth

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2021.11.30 06:23 b1nocry South Korea set to delay crypto taxation by one year to begin in 2023

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2021.11.30 06:23 ZzOriginals Amateur filmmaker for 8 months now, here are some recent shots, what are some things I can do to improve? (eg: composition, lighting, grading), info in captions :)

Amateur filmmaker for 8 months now, here are some recent shots, what are some things I can do to improve? (eg: composition, lighting, grading), info in captions :) submitted by ZzOriginals to cinematography [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 06:23 ringobiscuits The same prosecutor that "lost" Epstein's murder tape (Maurene Comey) is one of the lead prosecutors in the Ghislaine trial?!? WTF?

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2021.11.30 06:23 friendlywither An NFT reference 😀

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2021.11.30 06:23 doily0 I have an uncut Episode 1 Pepsi dispenser print in my music room.

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2021.11.30 06:23 Alarming-Camel5336 Looking for manager

Hi Manager, I hopefully want to be chosen as one of your scholars!
β€’ Name: Reclor B. Bahala β€’ Age: 30 β€’ Gender: Female β€’ Location: Calatrava, Negros Occidental β€’ Civil Status: Married β€’ Games Played: Mobile Legends Clash of Clans Call of Duty Crossfire
β€’ Hours to dedicate in playing Axie: 1-6 hours β€’ I may have no experience in playing Axie Infinity but I have watched orientations and read some data in order to have an idea about how this works. I am very well aware that Axie wanted to help people like us/me. As of now, I am asking for your help to let me be part of your team. To be one of your scholars. I can show off my skills and will develop it along the way. I need your trust because I want to reach my dreams with you. To be part of your team is an achievement! So please accept me!πŸ™ β™₯️ Thank you and God bless!πŸ™β™₯️
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2021.11.30 06:23 MarshallBrain So much Opportunity: You can build a business with GPT-3

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2021.11.30 06:23 ralsei_dummy * Do you think chara do genocide?

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2021.11.30 06:23 narutofan2019 Which Suit fits Cassandra Cain the most???

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2021.11.30 06:23 iwicctp_ Can you be disciplined for coming into work whilst waiting the results of a PCR even if LFTs are all negative?

Not me! Someone in the department has come in whilst waiting for a PCR. They claim to feel fine and all their LFTs are negative but there’s talk of disciplinary action. Can they be disciplined?
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2021.11.30 06:23 tyney123 Buyer has contacted me 435 Weeks later wanting refund for item...

So I sold a pair of Β£10 earrings 435 weeks ago and stupid past me never marked them as dispatched (I know I know, big ol' dumb move) Now I can't be certain I did or did not send them (more than likely did but never marked it as posted) and would I heck have a proof of postage from that long ago. So what's the move here? Ignore? Respond? Eat the Β£10 + shipping and refund? Any help appreciated please & thank you
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