Blood pressure drop?

2021.11.30 06:10 SleepingOnMarbles Blood pressure drop?

Is it normal for blood pressure to drop during a migraine or after one? I've recently started measuring my blood pressure at home and I noticed that my lowest readings are usually on migraine days and when I'm feeling especially sick/dizzy. I think I have some sort of dysautonomia too but it seemed to match up too nicely with the migraine timing to be a coincidence.
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2021.11.30 06:10 DowellTV My opinion about the balance of this game. (Level 103)

My opinion about the balance of this game. (Level 103) Hello. I reached level 103 after 180 ~ hours played.
I played both infantry and vehicles, and just wanted to share my experience and opinion about some stuff!
Note: I'm using pictures to post this thread since it got removed by AutoMod for an unknow reason. Sorry about that.
That's all I can think of for now. Please note that I enjoy playing the game despite all of this. Have a good day!
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2021.11.30 06:10 Imma_Coho How does this even happen?

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2021.11.30 06:10 rayleon3 As a lesbian, which neighborhood should I move to?

I know there are tons of “moving to” questions but none of them answer the question of what is the best neighborhood to move to as a sole lesbian woman in her early to mid twenties (23F)?
I have a WFH job, making 50k so I’d like to spend maximum $1250 when it comes to an room in an apartment. I’m hoping to have a promotion + raise within a year or two. I don’t mind living with roommates, but I’d love to have my own bathroom. I know I can’t be picky though on my budget so it’s negotiable. I will need to find roommates + an apartment while living in another state so any suggestions are welcome 🙏
Safety is one of my higher priorities. I need to be able to walk in my own neighborhood late at night. I’m not a coward but even I know my limits (5”2 petite female).
I would love to be around artsy, creative queer people or close to events that attract those types of people. I would love to make friends with butch lesbians as well.
I’m moving to NYC because as of right now I have no commute, I want that NYC experience for at least a year or two, and I want to make new friends (I’m from a homophobic small town). This is the time to move for me, I just need a safe, cheap, friendly neighborhood to move to within the next year if possible.
Thank you all for your help!
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2021.11.30 06:10 Chimeguy22 💵💎Free instant $10 for signing up for a Step account💎💵

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2021.11.30 06:10 Douchebak Latitude 7300 - how to make it run cooler?

Hi, I have a two year old Dell Latitude 7300 here. It’s really a great workhorse device. Problem is, it runs terribly hot, to the point typing is uncomfortable.
It runs on fresh windows 11, everything updated. No bloat, a no shady software, almost exclusively Microsoft stuff and MS office. No bullshit in the background, task manager and background processes all neat. Dell power management settings set to medium, balance between cool and performance. Fans are clean, everything is tip-top. It is used for medium office work, no heavy lifing – exactly as it is supposed to.
It runs crazy hot, with CPU temps frequently around 90 - 95 Celsius.
It pisses me off to the point I might get rid of it and get a fanless Mac (don’t care about platform, just need to get my work done). However, I love the overall durability of Dell and would love to keep it. Is there anything hardware wise I could do to cool down this SOB? Thermal paste replacement? Possibly CPU replacement if possible?
CPU is i5-8365U with 16 gigs of RAM.
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2021.11.30 06:10 titsi anyone got suggestionson how to seperate an instanced armature?

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2021.11.30 06:10 netreth96 Israeli UH-60L Yanshuf during an exercise April 2021 [3153 × 2106]

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2021.11.30 06:10 ThiccCreepyUncle The first Xenofungus I have found and it's T H I C C

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2021.11.30 06:10 According_Still_3212 Spike Rush oynarken chamber alanlara ithafen

Sizin kadar ucube bir orospu çocuğu görmedim. Shorty roundu oynuyoz çıkarıyo sherifi tam bir mal orospu çocuğu
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2021.11.30 06:10 Unfair-Baker-2586 Prove me wrong

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2021.11.30 06:10 Elleve No more notifications

I recently reinstalled my phone and thereby the Pi app as well. The difference is that I don't get the notification to click the mining button once every 24 hours anymore... I fiddled with the app settings and all the notifications as well but cannot seem to get this to work anymore. Does anybody have an idea of what I'm missing to get the notification back? I'm on android btw.
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2021.11.30 06:10 Stars_and_Shadows Posting something until me and my friend gets gfs DAY 104

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2021.11.30 06:10 AdventurousAd5447 The kaos gif if anyone wants it

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2021.11.30 06:10 UrbanSuburbaKnight ITAP of my new radiator during installation.

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2021.11.30 06:10 Comfortable-Dingo-83 FUT Heroes pack

Don’t we get our fut hero pack soon from pre order?
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2021.11.30 06:10 mia-belle-rydell [WP] “As long as someone holds a memory of you, you shall remain in the afterlife,” they explained, “Once you are forgotten by all, you must reincarnate.”

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2021.11.30 06:10 Small_Recording_9651 A long exposure at the local beach. 30 seconds. 4096 x 3097

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2021.11.30 06:10 disfatbidge8 Viscosity increased, please check my sperm results .. normal ?

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2021.11.30 06:10 AoLifts Reading Voltage from Circuit with Different GND

Hi, I want to measure a +340VDC bus with an ADC that is galvanically isolated (via a power transformer) from my ADC circuit. That is the ADC and the circuit my bus is on are electrically isolated from one another.
I’ve read up and saw some ways to do this with op amps and octocouplers. But I was wondering if I could instead just use my ADC’s differential mode and feed my bus v+ and bus GND into that?
Thanks :)
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2021.11.30 06:10 krisko6 Tracker problems?

Can't seem to access the kanye unreleased tracker on neither my phone or PC, never had this problem before. Anyone Else?
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2021.11.30 06:10 Fair_Pop1627 🎄 Cute Santa | 1000x potential 🚀 | Just Launched | Experienced Team | 7% DOGE rewards 🎁 | Anti-Whale | Dont Miss out !!!

What is Cute Santa?

Cute Santa is a reward token. Every 60 minutes, DOGE dividends will be sent to your wallet, if you hold at least 200,000 tokens. You can also manually claim your dividends in the main contract. Also each transaction you make will automatically claim your dividends. The longer you hold the more you earn!

A max wallet of 3% and max transaction of 1% allows us to prevent big wallets and dumps. The initial liquidity will be locked for several months into the deepest of the deepest locks and will be below 5 BNB so this token has the chance to go absolutely parabolic!

1,000,000,000 Total supply
3% max wallet to prevent whales
1% max tx to prevent dumps

Tax 10% for buy & sell:
7% in DOGE reward
1% to locked liquidity pool
2***% to marketing and buyback***
Slippage is ~ 10-12%

Contract: 0xa6bfd81a1f0d4267825078c808b96f7f40e3088f
Buy Now:
Renounced Ownership:
Liquidty locked:
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2021.11.30 06:10 NNapoli113 Was letzte Albaner?

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2021.11.30 06:10 thisdodobird Niña demands to be here as well, she's always jealous of Pelusa. She's the prettier one, though.

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2021.11.30 06:10 q2dmax New 24 Hour Advance League

This will be an active 24 hour advance, all madden league. We are looking to have fun and stay active among the Madden 22 community on PS4. There are many teams still open, don’t scroll past without joining!
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