i'm worried about how i feel about my ex while i'm in another happy relationship

2021.11.30 07:11 Delicious_Habit7175 i'm worried about how i feel about my ex while i'm in another happy relationship

when i was merely a freshman in high school i experienced my first love, which lasted roughly nine months. going through that breakup was the worst excruciating pain i've ever felt. even though that might sound a bit exaggerated, i've been through a lot of things that, in my opinion, should have felt much worse, but for some reason nothing compared to the longing for comfort of the relationship.
if it's not already too obvious, me and my ex were attached to each other for a long time after we broke up and for a while after we broke up he would constantly be a complete asshole to me and then apologize after i stopped talking to him. at the beginning of my sophomore year he moved to a different state, still pretty close to where i live. we talked every once in a while, sometimes there would be an "i miss you", or a "happy birthday" text here and there. we started really talking again towards the end of my sophomore year. we were on and off for a short two months, blocking and unblocking, but he would always be the one to talk first. then about a month after that phase we ended up talking all day every day for about two weeks, and we always talked about visiting each other eventually, until he abruptly blocked me and i found out he had a new girlfriend. i expected that he would be done, and actually i was relieved for a while because i knew it needed to end, regardless of the fact that in the back of my mind i knew i missed it still.
fast forward 6 months, he and his now ex have broken up. that didn't matter much though, because i had just gotten into a new relationship and have finally started to feel slightly more comfortable in a relationship since my ex. i have had so much trouble being content with other people because it was hard to accept that not everything would feel the same as back then.
my main problem comes in here, i'm starting to feel unsure about it because i've been dreaming a lot about having arguments with my ex about him not respecting my new relationship, but why would i be thinking about that so much anyway?
i've started to realize that the surreal honey moon phase in my new relationship is coming to a fast end, and whenever we call each other we never actually talk, and the whole time it's just silent. it really sucks man. i know it's really bad that i've started to compare how i felt during my first love, but i just don't think i can get it through my head that it's unrealistic and that it's never going to end well with my ex. now that he's texted i've started really feeling guilty because it made me realize how much i've been thinking about him recently. my boyfriend treats me so well and makes me really happy and i'm worried i'm just overthinking about us becoming a little more distant.
i don't know man. overall i'm just very conflicted and confused about what my next step should be. responding to that text feels like an itch that'll kill me if i scratch it, but i'll definitely regret it if i don't respond.
side note: i made this new account because i realized just today that on my personal account they are both following me lol kms
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2021.11.30 07:11 greenseasonuk UK Grime, Rap & Drill but it's chill af | Lofi mix | GREEN SEASON

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2021.11.30 07:11 CandyIllustrious7020 We deserve Hand Clapping sounds when I wake up at 7am In winter

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2021.11.30 07:11 DameanTheGuitarist I m struggling to accept help

I m at a point where I don t think I deserve help anymore because of how much i refuse it. If u re a spectator u would not say that my life sucks because it seems that it does not. I m not that old, almost twenty, im going to gym almost everyday, going to a nursing school ( first year), not working yet(im waiting for a response), having a relationship that.... yes, that s where things start. U may think that I m childish or immature because of what I m going to write but I don t care. I ve been struggling with very low desire to live(for years), or if I m being direct, suicidal thoughts, always been wondering about death and how it s like to not be but it was not always like that, just when I wasn t affraid of death anymore and waited to embrace it. And u may think what s the matter with the realationship, I always needed someone to give me affection, I did not need any other kind of help, nothing, I just need affection to continue living my life not in despair like I m doing it in the present, no matter of how much I tried to explain her things to make the relationship works, it seems that it was all i vain, she knows only a fucking little about my will to live, and it makes me very sad because I don t think she would be able to understand me or help which i don t think so, it hurts so much because i don t really have someone to talk to about this, I used to have but im in kinda bad terms with that person, honestly i don t know why i wrote this, im up to answering all of ur questions i don t mind, i think im gonna and here because im feeling strange again, i just woke up like 30 mins ago
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2021.11.30 07:11 Cuaralho99 @stuffbyxandre on IG 🎞️ Pentax K2 x Ultramax 400

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2021.11.30 07:11 GroovyShape Anthology idea.

I remember when discussions for TLOU2(before it was revealed) were happening and a lot of people were saying they wanted the series to be an anthology, with Part 2 being a story about other survivors not involving Joel and Ellie. Now this is interesting because Cuckmann shifted a lot of focus for over half of 2 to new characters(Abby, Lev, etc.) So basically what I'm trying to say is that Cuckmann(if his intention was to push the franchise in a different direction with new characters) did it in the worst fucking way possible. If TLOU2 was only about Abby and Lev's relationship and not at all connected to Joel and Ellie, I actually think it could have been an alright game. But instead Neil decided to shit on characters we love and then try to make us care about the people who basically emptied out their anus all over our boy Joel. What a fucking travesty 2 was.
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2021.11.30 07:11 Right-Needleworker52 4 Products to Sell on Amazon in the Arts, Crafts & Sewing Category

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2021.11.30 07:11 Imgroult Help an ambitious survivor out

I like big bases. I mean, HUGE, bases. I once secured the whole gated community of riverside, all the appartment complexes in rosewood, and self storage facilities of muldraugh. The thing is, alone, those bases get a handfull to manage as it's a lot of work to restore walls, deal with zombies who eventually spawn inside the fortifications when you're not going regularily on one side of the area, and find a utility for each room/building. Do you guys have any go to for a base with lot of space, that you can live cosily in, customize with lots of furniture and gives some challenge to secure and barricade, but that is still managable in solo after you're done erradicating the pests in the area?
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2021.11.30 07:11 SidneyRL How do you want to die?

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2021.11.30 07:11 Xxlylapiercexx Upvotes for nudes?

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2021.11.30 07:11 urpinionman How should I use old creatives, current & test new ones while trying to keep FB campaign structure simple?

Hello, currently I run 5 campaigns on fb ads. -2 Warm campaigns (one regular one is with BFCM creatives) -1 Cold campaign (with 6 interests that worked the best so far and 2 creatives) -1 Cold UGC campaign (with 6 interests and dynamic creative UGC videos) -1 Product test (same niche/industry using Warm audience)
I got 3 things which I am unsure of because everyone is talking about ad account simplification and I don't want to have too many campaigns in that case and complicated structures:
A) I would like to test Cold BROAD targeting (no interests in adsets) should that be in a separate campaign or should I add it as an adset to the existing cold campaigns?
B) I also want to use some creatives I used before to the COLD campaign (not UGC camp), what is the best way to do that? Should I create a new campaign with the 6 best interests or should I add those creatives within existing adsets and ads or should I duplicate the adsets from the existing campaign and change the ads/creatives ?
C) This question is similar to B, if I want to test new creatives, what is the best way to do that? And also how do I implement those creatives into the structure?
Let me know what your opinion on these things is, thanks!
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2021.11.30 07:11 Pipsqueak06 Contents insurance

I rent a property and I have contents insurance which includes public liability. I was a victim of an aggravated burglary in my own home and as a result of trying to get away from the offender I fell down hard on a tiled step. I broke and displaced my coccyx bone, injured my shoulder (although not apparent straight away) and ruptured ligaments in my ankle. I was also diagnosed with severe PTSD and as a result of the type of work I was doing at the time, I subsequently lost my job and was forced to medically retire.
I have ongoing pain in my coccyx area and have had issues with numbness in my groin area, I am currently awaiting MRI results to see if there is any permanent damage to my spine as a result of my fall. I received a small amount of compensation from victims of crime and they will pay for any medical treatment that may arise in the future but that is limited to I think 6 years.
My question is, am I able to claim any money from the public liability portion of my own contents insurance. I don’t know what the long term future holds with my injuries especially my shoulder as I didn’t report that injury straight away (the damage become more and more noticeable about 3 months after ) and I’m concerned I will be left severely out of pocket as a result of ongoing treatment.
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2021.11.30 07:11 TheRedTourist New nuclear arms race is upon us, an architect of weapons ban treaty warns

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2021.11.30 07:11 AmbientTextures DeFi Users on Ethereum Hit 4M for the First Time

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2021.11.30 07:11 ceesaart Russia does not want to negotiate with Ukraine on continuation of gas transit after 2024

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2021.11.30 07:11 mikor20 I paid an App Icon Designer $480 - This is what happened

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2021.11.30 07:11 ContentForager2 idk i feel sexy rn (/r/BisexualTeens)

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2021.11.30 07:11 General_Bob_Ross 1876 Conventions: Political Tinderbox Series

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2021.11.30 07:11 Thin-Purpose-781 December in the Wheel of the Year Part 1: Christmas Trees, Crowleymass and Krampus Night By Lucya Starza | John Hunt Publishing

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2021.11.30 07:11 Jugernautb Carola quería ser paloma pues ...

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2021.11.30 07:11 HonestWar313 مكانة المرأة في الإسلام

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2021.11.30 07:11 Tricky-Addendum-2992 bingbong.live

Bing Bong, Fuck Ya Life

The First Meme Brand, Get in on the bottom floor, Listed now!
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2021.11.30 07:11 itsinthepastitsashes Trying to make it work with guy who catfished me: A bizarre true story

I have to get this out..it's time. Keeping me up night after night, comparable only to bittersweet agony while replaying every single detail; feeding into my OCD mind like waves of pure orgasmic gold. It's a story and a woman can investigate better than the FBI when she needs to know. And fuck was I hungry to KNOW. When the rush is over and the perverbial dust settles...you are then forced to literally have the wind knocked out of you by the biggest ass kicking, dodgeball-esque smack to your face followed with the "this is real life" come to Jesus moment. Holy shit. Can you really love the person behind the 'person' Was I being authentic and true to myself in stating the connection I felt was so powerful that I didn't care who he was, had done, or even looked like? Oh my God yes. And I would do it all again even if it meant enduring the now physical pain that constantly throbbs on top of the ache I feel in his absence. Like damn, this is what people would talk about. I would hear stories about THIS kind of connection and sure it made for a great story but it was a fable to me, still just a story. His voice. I didn't know it was entirely possible to crave only a person's voice. It's so stupid and so powerful and makes me cry on demand...that's how bad I need to hear it. Not want. Need. The way he talked, no...soothed me was everything. Our conversations and tripping over eachothers words not being able to get them out fast enough solely because I was so thirsty on knowing everything I could about this man I had never met. He tripped up on his lies and I started connecting the dots which was easy to do because he actually gave me about 95% of the truth. Appearance was one lie and about a dozen other white lies about life and career mixed in. I didn't care I told him I just wanted to keep talking to him and it's like my actual soul was relieved when we continued. So fucking crazy, this feeling. His health started becoming a major occurrence, like an actual health crisis and not just made up tragedies that catfisher's will use as an excuse to not meet up. Damn...I became obsessed in figuring it out on my own..I had to know..why was he so young and facing major surgery. Was he lying about his age? Married with kids and that's why he always sounded so fatigued? Keeping up with the lies wearing him down? I ended up down 2 rabbit holes...one was THE person he is and the other a married man in Texas. I bought the latter scenario hook, line, and sinker..because it hurt less than the truth. We fought...pretty hard and I also remember nothing but intense guttural crying for days after saying goodbye. Did the super angry grief thing and reached out to his family on Facebook...asked if they knew why he did this, if he was married..blah blah blah. Wasn't believed and was blocked by thrm all and fuck if I didn't completely just black out that whole experience to survive and have to move on with life after just completely getting absolutely mind fucked into oblivion. On top of 10 years of trauma before that you would not even comprehend. Four months later he did the unimaginable and messaged me, coming clean that he was the jerk who lied to me. Shocked isn't even an accurate word for what I was feeling. But I was also dead inside. And scared..so scared. This man had so much power over me and things got worse, way worse after he made his exit and I just needed so badly to just TALK to him. l fucking knew I would be in trouble if I answered his phone call when he started trying again. It's a force..I can't fucking explain it. So what does the smart girl do?? Just to have the universe smack her with another dose of "silly little girl, you never learn, do you?" A Saturday afternoon date turned into 5 days turned into I actually fell in love with my catfisher turned into him literally running back home and ghosting me and blocking me on every platform on Thanksgiving. Thank you for listening...damn sometimes you gotta just get shit out just to make sure it really did happen and wasn't a glitch in the matrix. AskMeAQuestion..
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2021.11.30 07:11 doompills4breakfast Și, v-ați luat diploma🧻 de dizident?

Și, v-ați luat diploma🧻 de dizident?
Urmăriți des postările bulei Papahagi–Funeriu–Baconschi🍭 și compania? E imposibil să nu vă fi sărit în ochi următorul aspect – relevant, de altfel, și pentru ❤️‍🔥vocile noii generații.
Toată identitatea oamenilor ăstora e construită în jurul unui model al dizidentului. Prin reclamarea cenzurii📺 acolo unde nu e, mania persecuției, discursul moderatului ofuscat, ceea ce încearcă să construiască e o imagine de contracultură 🎸 a conservatorismului. Ei înșiși își proiectează o imagine a unor voci incomode😮 pentru starea de fapt – sau poate chiar o cred, cine știe.
În același timp, nu există absolut nimic în mesajele celor enumerați care contravin discursului mainstream. Sunt pro-UE, pro-NATO💣✈️, capitaliști, ortodocși din ăia moderați (nu ortodoxiști ca Șoșoacă!), cred în știința și tehnocrația curată și 🤡 non-ideologică, sunt practicanți ai moralei🍆👌⛔așa cum dictează hegemonia culturală pe filieră anglo-saxonă.
E același model de falsă opoziție Petersonian pe care partizanii liberalismului clasic îl proiectează într-o încercare disperată de a da relevanță ideologiei lor fumate 🚬 de cam multă vreme. Singura divergență cu ideologia dominantă e prin zona identity politics, și chiar și acolo, s-a demonstrat că sunt dispuși să go with the flow💨, dar într-un ritm mai lent. La urma urmei, se știe că cel mai bun loc de prin care să-ți transmiți dizidența e dintr-un loc călduț pe platformele culturale🧠 mainstream.
——— Cam așa stau lucrurile și cu vocile noii generații📣. Prezența pe diferite platforme care îți conferă relevanță și eventual îți deschid calea spre o carieră politică🎩 sau oengistă💰 se plătește cu compromisuri.
Basically ești supposed să mimezi opoziția👿 cât mai puternic, în timp ce nu faci nimic ca să-i deranjezi pe cei cu care lucrezi de fapt, și care sunt parte din sistem. Indiferent că o faci din fruntea CNE🎪 sau de pe canalul propriu de Youtube🚘 de pe care critici programa școlară, există o limită clară dincolo de care n-ai voie să treci🚫.
În felul ăsta, discursul tău ține ocupat spațiul în care s-ar fi putut afla opoziția reală, distrage atenția🐟 de la ea și de la spațiile unde se desfășoară și o invalidează atunci când contramesajele aprobate de sistem și universal aplaudate se întâlnesc cu cele reale.
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2021.11.30 07:11 WaifuIslamist What are your thoughts on Germany and its history (Empire or Nazi Germany)

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