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Chegg Help

2022.01.19 00:41 laptopdesktop13 Chegg Help
Thank you so much!
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2022.01.19 00:41 onanisland1 Who are the 8 John Does?

I've seen some round-up articles about who Epstein was connected to, but I've yet to see a round-up of best guesses on who the 8 John Does are.
Who are your best guesses and why?
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2022.01.19 00:41 Luisbow15 Tony huynh give me a very interesenting response

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2022.01.19 00:41 avantgeared Ukraine warns Russia has 'almost completed' build-up of forces near border

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2022.01.19 00:41 Dull-Okra4148 Paint over old oil-based paint for entire house

What is the best way to paint over oil based paint? I plan to use water based paint to avoid the long lasting smell of oil paint. After some research it seems that
Shellac primer + latex paint or
oil based primer + any water based paint will work.
I prefer shellac but some people says Shellac is terrible for large painting job because of the odor. Any advise would be appreciated.
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2022.01.19 00:41 yourbestiefromsonora How do I ask..

How do I ask my crush to hold their hand? I've asked them if they are single and they never respond- but I think I'm just gonna make a move..- help?! I really like them but im not sure what to do!!
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2022.01.19 00:41 VioletEvergarden_443 不喜歡官腔和喜歡港台腔的主要原因

口音,本人廣東人家裡家庭組成主要是潮州和廣府 小時候對於粵語認同感會更強一些,經常跑香港 購物玩。也是因為身邊親戚朋友廣府潮汕那邊的 比較多。所以聽到省外其他地方的口音覺得陌生 以前城市移民還沒有那麼多的時候都還是潮州 廣府客家人多。 後來接觸到台灣香港文化,覺得還蠻親切的 台語音樂 香港歌手。電影小說之類的 不是說對其他地方的口音有歧視 就是單純覺得怪怪的,那種夾在詞句中的兒化音 高音。越標準的中文發音就讓我覺得很沒有意思 本能的對這種官方化的統一化的中文表示反感 這也極大影響了我找對象的標準 能接受的口音就從兩廣到福建 台灣 我是覺得當代官腔普及是對地方文化語言的 摧殘,台語和粵語創造了不少好聽的歌和詩句 老實說我一點也不覺得閩南語老土儘管身邊的潮州人 對於自己的方言覺得老土 我最近就很喜歡聽台灣的一個台語歌手 珂拉琦 隨著越來越多的廣東本地人不講粵語 開始說什麼官腔我就覺得很討厭 大一統的官腔對中國一點好處都沒有 為什麼要統一腔調? 各地方說各地方自己的口音 不好嗎?
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2022.01.19 00:41 sugire Demise-Furnace of Tension (1990, California) (crusty "west bay" grindcore/powerviolence)

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2022.01.19 00:41 Completeepicness_1 Flags of every nation in HOI4, Day 95: Guangxi Clique, tag: GXC

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2022.01.19 00:41 thedragonslily 😂

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2022.01.19 00:41 ADXVII_ [TOMT][MOVIE][2000s] Looking for a horror movie where a man see's a naked woman in a van

I remember watching a horror movie when I was younger that really messed me up. The only thing I really remember was a man in a car driving that spots a van/truck in front of him and notices a scared naked woman inside. He then decides to call the cops anddd... that's all I remember.
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2022.01.19 00:41 MAXHEADR0OM My WIP 21’ Softail Standard. I love this bike.

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2022.01.19 00:41 RandomOne1218 Abnormally Severe Menstrual Cramping Pain

31 y/o white female presents with debilitating cramping pain during her periods for the past 8 months, with the pain having progressively increased in frequency and duration. Pt is a 5'9" American (Alabama) who weighs 153 pounds. Dx: Anxiety and ADHD, currently taking generic celexa 10 mg and Adderall 30 XR and Adderall 20 PRN. Has been a heavy drinker for a good bit of the last 3 years. Never smoker or use of illicit drugs.
Pain has been located almost directly in between the pubic symphysis and the right ASIS. Rarely, in the last 8 months, has the cramping pain been located over the mid lower abdomen or gravitated to the left lower abdomen. Over the last several periods, the roughly right iliac pain has extended to include into the right groin.
8 months ago the pain presented severely only on the 2nd day of the period, which has always been my heaviest. The first several months it was common to be woken up around 3 or 4 AM with this severe pain and then have it last into the day. The pain has been progressively presenting longer during the periods, as it is now present at least 2 if not 3 days during the period, originally it was 1 day or less. It has also presented during the last 2 cycles of ovulation.
Prior to 8 months ago I was able to treat my period pain with OTC 1000 mg extra strength acetaminophen and 800 mg ibuprofen. Roughly 6-12 months prior to this last 8 months of pain I was having more severe period pain than I remembered, until I was writing this post. Back then I had surpassed 800 mg ibuprofen every 4 hours resolving my pain and had started adding 1000 mg extra strength acetaminophen 2 hours after the ibuprofen and alternating those, probably 2-3 days of my period. I didn't have bad periods at all in high school, college, even into my late 20s, so I assumed my luck had run out and this was what everyone else with bad periods experienced. Contributing to me not seeking care sooner.
With the pain these last 8 months, it became apparent very quickly that this was going to be miserable, as 800 mg ibuprofen and 1000 mg tylenol at the same time weren't touching the pain, sometimes at all, sometimes it would become tolerable around 1.5 hours after taking the medication. Therefore, I was forced to use the oxycodone HCL/acetaminophen 5/325 mg or hydrocodone/acetaminophen 5/325 mg that I had been prescribed due to an episode of kidney stones 3 years ago. One hydrocodone dulls the pain enough to be able to not walk around in trunk flexion. Two seems to knock most of the pain out, and I can be functional. The oxycodone definitely works better. I haven't taken it my last several periods because I'm trying to save it, so I cannot recall how much 1 vs 2 helps resolve the pain.
One of the worst episodes I had was: pain woke me up around 4:00 am, which I knew was going to get worse. By 4:30 it was severe pain, I was sweating, had to lay on a cold tile floor to help cool off, which I didn't feel like I could do, and to help combat my nausea. I never did throw up, but the sweating due to pain reminded me of my kidney stone. I believe I took 800 mg ibuprofen and 1000 mg tylenol around 4:30 AM, 2 oxycodone (dosage above) around 5:30 AM, which finally decreased the pain but did not resolve it, and even though it made me drowsy I was not able to fall back asleep, due to pain. 8:30 AM 4 more ibuprofen, 10 AM 1000 mg tylenol, 11:30 AM 4 more ibuprofen, shortly after 12:30 PM the pain finally resolved.
Another episode: Woke up 2:30 AM and was up taking tylenol and ibuprofen, moving around, tooke a shower, was on and off the toilet because the position seemed more comfortable at times, trying to do anything to help. Nothing helped. After almost 3 hours the pain resolved enough that I could go back and lay in the bed. The next morning at 3:30 AM woke up with the same severe pain, OTC pain meds didn't help, nor did sitting in a hot tube, or on the toilet, or anything else, at which point 2 hours later my partnegirlfriend forced me to go to the ER to confirm it was not my appendix, which at that point I was very concerned too. By the time we arrived at the next town's small hospital the pain was just starting to improve (it was July 4th and we were up in the Georgia mountains). They were very kind and did oblige me when I asked for a shot of toradol. They performed a CT, found some kidney stones hanging out in my bladder, a small cyst on my ovary, which they said should not be causing my pain, but that was it. No IV fluids, no discussing a differential diagnosis, no further investigation. No pain meds for the next time this happened (I know all about the opioid epidemic) but some tylenol 3 or absolutely anything stronger than 1000 mg ace. and 800 mg ibu. and maybe some recommendations of what I could do differently to help the pain the next time it presented would have been greatly appreciated.
I am not pregnant, immaculate conception is the only way that would be possible. I never have been pregnant. Never had issues with clotting of any kind, and I am not currently nor have ever taken hormones or birth control.
I have figured out that a heat pack on the highest setting, along with pain medication, and often being horizontal makes the pain more tolerable, but it really does put me out of commission on those days. I went and saw an OBGYN, who listened to me for 2 max 3 minutes, performed a vaginal exam, determined my uterus and cervix felt like they were appropriately positioned, and sent me for the ultrasound I have pictures of here. There was a 2 month delay in those events due to insurance coverage issues. I do have a follow-up appointment with her next week, but I am anxious to hear your thoughts and professional opinions concerning what might be going on!!
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2022.01.19 00:41 florentinomain00f Fun fact about the opening sequence of 2042

  1. Apparently the United Kingdom of Great Brtain and Northen Ireland is dissolved and Ireland now reunite with Northen Ireland and with Wales and Scotland, form the Celtic Union, leaving England alone
  2. In America, Brazil is a Failed State (which means it can't even provide basic necessities to its population, kinda like modern-day Somalia), Venezuela is a State at Risk, and nations like Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Chile and French Guiana (???) are red, which presumably means Total Collapse
  3. In Europe, the Baltic Countries are wholly ravaged by the mother of all wildfires. France is under threat of Public Riots (so just another regular day in France), the UK (or England) is put under Total Collapse, Germany is a Failed State, and Poland, Czechia, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands have all Closed their Borders
  4. People are actively immigrating to Switzerland, Austria and Croatia, which suggests they might be the most stable countries yet on the continent.
  5. The Firestorm start in Central Latvia in 2024, continue for 5 years before calming down
  6. Euro money basically got cucked by inflation
  7. 1.2B Non-Patriated counted
  8. A satelite seems to launch a planet wide EMP, seems to be a US one, but who cause it?
  9. Also Kessler Effect seems to occur at the same time
  10. It's real, right out of our windows with all the possibilities
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2022.01.19 00:41 dorzasegna Amazon Student Discount Code

Here is the Amazon Student Discount Code
And also you can discover more Amazon coupon codes, deals, Up To 30% OFF discounts, promo codes on there.
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2022.01.19 00:41 CarteRampage1 SleeplessMC [Semi-Vanilla][SMP]{Whitelist}{1.18.1}

I would describe SleeplessMC as a non-toxic community of Minecraft lovers. SleeplessMC strives to create a safe, friendly environment with a focus on respect toward others. The server itself is vanilla with a few tweaks to make the multiplayer experience more enjoyable. Jumping into the virtual world, we have a lovely spawn nested in a valley surrounded by tall snowy mountains. There is also a shopping district where you can buy from other players or create a shop of your own. We also have a separate world dedicated to mining and resource gathering, so don’t worry about competing for diamonds. To join this amazing community, we require a short application. However, don’t be intimidated by this as you will likely be accepted. To apply, add Alexx#7687 or DuckMafia#9831 on discord.
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2022.01.19 00:41 KingTyBackup 100s of dollars worth of content for only $10. Pm me

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2022.01.19 00:41 Gakuuuu So it's been 9 years since I first started and no real success:(

Is it okay that I'm losing hope a little?
Not that I've practiced every single day in the past 9 years. Instead, I always started at the beginning of school holidays and stopped actively trying (ie. WBTB) during school terms to ensure sleep quality; occasionally did reality checks here and there.
I always had confidence cuz I have very vivid dreams and I'm not too bad at remembering dreams. And yes, I have been practicing reality checks and keeping a dream journal. I have stick notes everywhere in my house asking myself if I'm dreaming.
There's been no real progress, except for a couple of dreams where it was just "kinda" lucid, blurry and short (few seconds?). Just a couple in all these years...
A while ago, I told my partner about LD and that was the first time he heard about it. Literally in that same week, he had a few lucid dreams. I asked him how but he couldn't explain it anyway. This really crushed my confidence and I stopped for a little while.
And here I am trying again, but not sure whether it's just going to be the same. I'm not considering supplements atm and I'm not sure if there's anything I can improve on at all.
Sorry this is a bit long:( Just really hope that my "weird" nose pinching and finger bending behaviours are leading me somewhere.
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2022.01.19 00:41 opheliakee69 The Draoithe Saga Trailer Updating Trailers and research videos! Have you subscribed to the Youtube channel yet?

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2022.01.19 00:41 Mrsteakymeat A daily spider-man panel (Amazing spider-man #255)

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2022.01.19 00:41 Toasty_gaming562 SA imports not filling

I went afk in my NC and when I came back my South America imports was at zero crates I had a tech assigned to it and then went back after a while and it was still at zero
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2022.01.19 00:41 rfbkr151 MemeTools is a great tool to help find new communities on the up and coming.

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2022.01.19 00:41 speederman12 Another size insecurity

The most recent of many bad experiences with girls in regards to “size” has been a girl mentioning how her previous bf was both longer and thicker then me (when it was never brought up) and asked for my precise measurements. I asked why but she just said “because I wanna know” so I told her when I measured and she wanted proof so I sent it. She said “oh wow, I thought you were like 5-6, now I really wanna know how big X was”. I’m 7 inches and above average girth. I literally cannot catch a break
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2022.01.19 00:41 BOTTimmy WSE User Flair Update and Requests

Just to update you on some new flairs I've added for you guys to use.
-$30 on venmo
-Ye in his bag rn
-The College Dropout
-Late Registration
The colours of flairs that have album or singles have also been updated so they used the exact ones in the covers for example the Yandhi pink and JIK blue are now used for the flairs.
Let us know if there are any flairs you think deserve to be added or are missing atm.
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2022.01.19 00:41 alphascorpii All DMT ornaments (Dead Man's Revenge has better sights, but chunkier hip fire model)

All DMT ornaments here:
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