Neve Campbell

2022.01.19 02:28 Aalrai1993 Neve Campbell

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2022.01.19 02:28 byzantionr Ya okulun son haftası kalmış şurada 2 gün, okula gidiyoruz amk

Bir de son sınıftayım. Şimdi evde olsam 9 gibi kalkar dersime başlar günümü planlardım mis gibi. Şimdi uykusuz ders çalışma isteği yok yarı gözüm kapalı kahvaltı ediyorum. Bunca çileyi çekmemin sebebi ise, devamsızlık. Söyleyecek başka sözüm yok. İyi sabahlar...
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2022.01.19 02:28 dconedge_gmail_com Indonesia names new capital that will replace Jakarta

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2022.01.19 02:28 candiedloveapple Is this wholesome yet

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2022.01.19 02:28 QR-T For US, Gym bag for Women $25.99 Dm me if interested 🙂

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2022.01.19 02:28 PhdInCute What character do you find the scariest?

Dexter Egan has frightened me for the longest time.
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2022.01.19 02:28 IDragneeLI Thoughts on blaster/berserker/warlord na/eu

I’ve played a lot of the classes on the ru server and these three have been the most fun and going to main one of these three which one is the best Main in the long run i.e t3 leaning towards the warriors because of that sweet fashion I have the same amount of fun on all three but I’m not big on the gunner classes fashion
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2022.01.19 02:28 TheGamerHolic360 Does anyone know where I can get this gold brick? I have spent hours on it and couldn't find it anywhere I even tried 7-10 videos bit found nothing

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2022.01.19 02:28 coolpercussion Mother and son loaves

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2022.01.19 02:28 Th0tSlayer101 Miku pointing at you

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2022.01.19 02:28 freeprisoner [USA-VA][H] Zotac 2080, MSI 1080, 2x Mobo/CPU and 2x RAM kits 2x8GBs [W] Paypal

Good afternoon all,

Both my buddy and myself moved to newer builds (got "lucky" enough to find 3080 Tis and some other upgrades so I'm here to offload our old builds. I haven't been browsing around HWSwap as much as I usually do so please let me know if pricing seems to be way off. For local pricing (22152) take off $15.

First things first, the images!

I'd like to sell both of the motherboards with the CPU as a pair but if you just really need one or the other, let me know.
Ryzen 5 2600 + ROG Strix B550-F - $220 + S&H
Intel i7-8700k + MSI MAG Z390 Tomahawk - $350 + S&H
G.Skill Ripjaws V 2x8 DDR4-3200 CL16-18-18-38 - $45 + S&H
XPG AX4U360038G18A-DR30 DDR4 3600 2x8GB CL18-20-20 - $45 + S&H
Zotac Gaming Geforce RTX 2080 AMP - $700 + S&H
MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1080 8GB - $420 + S&H

If you'd like more than one item at a time then I can lower the price of the included items. Let me know if you have any questions! No issues with any of the parts but the Zotac 2080 had coil whine when playing certain games but after looking into what it could be, I could never narrow down if it was due to the PSU or the GPU. I've had the 3080 Ti for about 2 months and I also get the same coil whine so it leads me to believe it was/is my current PSU and not the GPU.
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2022.01.19 02:28 IsThisDamnNameTaken Huh.

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2022.01.19 02:28 Chelin- Clueless 100%

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2022.01.19 02:28 goldfishfox Does anyone else here dislike Kanye as a person, but love his music?

I honestly can’t stand Kanye’s personality and his character. I cringe at almost everything he does. But on the other hand, he is a musical genius. His music is amazing.
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2022.01.19 02:28 SoiLifeAU SoiLife Began 10 Years Ago - See How We Got Started

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2022.01.19 02:28 twitch-illusiveil Check out Alpha Kongs Club! Great project with proof of high floor on previous project Prime Ape Planet!

Check out Alpha Kongs Club! They have over 250k members in disc in less than 30 hours! All bots are banned! This is a great project with amazing art that will 100% become a blue chip! Great for either flipping or hodling. cord link: / m4ZDKf97 Thank you <3
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2022.01.19 02:28 waitingformsfs2020 I m converting g to lbs

I m doing an assignment in C desired result 250g =0.551 lbs
but my result 0.550 how can i get it exactly 0.551?
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2022.01.19 02:28 Beneficial-Egg-5669 Some dumb videos till my pc arrives

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2022.01.19 02:28 DeusAdiutaRomanis Suggestions for 50/50 Gaming Productivity?

Hi all, I’m in the market for a new mouse and thought I’d ask the experts for suggestions. Basically, I’m looking for something under 75 dollars, wireless, and ergonomic. Previous mouse was the m705, and I really like the way the thumb sits on that one. The more ergonomic the better, but I hear bad things about mice? mouses? designed specifically for ergonomics when it comes to gaming. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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2022.01.19 02:28 rootbeer9494 Happy delivery day 🥰

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2022.01.19 02:28 Lil_Turtle15 Thank you Malcom.

No one will probably see this, but I just want to thank you Malcom, from the bottom of my heart, for everything.
This past year was the shittiest year of my life. I got bullied, friends left me, had a identity Crisis, got rejected, lost my friend, I was depressed and even contemplated suicide for a little. There was a point where I wouldn’t even leave my room. But your music came to me when I needed it/someone most, and it literally saved me, and for that I’ll forever be grateful for what you have done for me.
Mac you are my therapy, Im still going through stuff, but your music helps me every single time. If your reading this Mac somehow, I want to say thank you. You saved me, you were my brother, you were my therapist, you were my friend. I listen to you everyday, and now your music is a piece of me, and it will always be Until the day I die.
You were there when the world turned its back on me, and when I meet you in heaven I’m going to let you know that you truly saved me.
RIP Mac and happy 30, 92 till infinity ♾💙
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2022.01.19 02:28 Far-Classic-7438 game recommendations

i just got an oculus quest 2 and what games should i get for it?
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2022.01.19 02:28 Top-Hat165 They're making me spread coronavirus?

I sort of had the symptoms and my bosses threatened to fire me if I call out. I'm pretty much scared of retaliation, So I went to work. I know if I lose my job, nobodys sending me a check anyways. I think a lot of people are in this situation, the only way to stop it is to make it illegal to fire someone who has covid, but we know that's not going to happen. Minimum wage workers can't afford to quit their jobs and I work in the service industry. Guess you better vax up....
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2022.01.19 02:28 nath_d In Isolation! Can't visit stops 0638 0675 3928

Hi all,
I'm stuck in iso and can't visit stops during the event to get my poke balls. Have lots of gifts. Let's exchange!!
0638 0675 3928
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2022.01.19 02:28 jstrauss97 Spirits, who’s on first?

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