Contemporary Russian art


27-28 May, 2016

Post release

A new interactive art-weekend of the ARTIS PROJECT was held on May 27-28 at the Center of Art “Na Strelke”.

The theme of the new art-weekend, entitled “NATURE OF THE VERSE”, became the everlastingly opposing and at the same time inseparable forces of nature and the impressions and sensations with which they nourish creativity.

According to the organizers of the project, conceiving a new event, they wanted to observe how the emotions born at the junction of the elements are transformed by the artist’s imagination, becoming tangible and visible and embodied in the works of art.

“The main goal of the ARTIS PROJECT is to make acquaintance with actual art not only informative and useful, but also fascinating. Therefore, as usual, we tried to create and fill with bright events some kind of alternative space in which, as it seems to us. Communicate, be surprised, ask, learn, argue, share your impressions. And just relax. Be here and now”: the founder and head of the ARTIS PROJECT Anastasia Potanina opened the event with these words.

This evening, the guests of the art-weekend had many surprises, including the exclusive show “Master of the Elements” specially prepared for ARTIS by the juggling virtuoso Grigory Bondarevsky and the expressive performance of the young actress Indira Azim-Zade.

However, the main event of the evening was, of course, an exhibition of works by seven artists, curated by Diana Machulina. The exposition, which represented spaces freely flowing into each other, combined colors and forms, genres and techniques, generations and creative concepts, just as nature and the inner world of the artist combine heterogeneous elements.

Among the authors who presented their work on the art-weekend were both followers of non-conformism – Valery Sakhatov, Valery Svetlitsky, Mikhail Krunov, and graffiti-writers – Konstantin Danilov (Zmogk), Alexey Mednoy, and young authors-conceptualists – Diana Machulina and Alexandra Galkina. Some of the presented works were made specifically for the opening of the exhibition and were exhibited for the first time in public.

The guests of the art-weekend could not only get acquainted with the works of artists, but also ask the authors of the paintings about their work, because all the artists were present at the exhibition. Communicating with the audience, Valery Svetlitsky, Diana Machulina, Mikhail Krunov and Alexey Mednoy conducted tours of the exhibition.

Konstantin Danilov with his picture “Pleasure” and Aleksey Mednoy, who received prizes from the project director Natalia Elshanskaya, became favorites of the audience sympathies. The special prize of the ARTIS PROJECT was also awarded to Mikhail Krunov.