Contemporary Russian art


5 August, 2016

Post release

On August 5, ARTIS presented its third project – “The Coordinates of Summer”.

During the exhibition, which was held in PMLOFT HALL in one-day format, the guests could see 26 works by Dmitry Shorin, Pavel Polyansky, Anastasia Kuznetsova-Ruff and Ksenia Gnilitskaya.

All authors are numerous participants of personal and group exhibitions, major museum projects, fairs and auctions of contemporary art, held in Russia and abroad. Each of them has its own individual, recognizable style, develops its own artistic language and an original system of characters. But at the same time, all the artists represented are united by an interest in contemporary reality, a moderately ironic view of the world and a poetic reading of reality.

“Our location is something that defines our life here and now. And it is in this dimension “here and now” that contemporary art lives, striving to feel time, to feel the coordinates of life, to feel its heroes. The authors, who have become participants in our exhibition today, enjoy this feeling of life in full. Today we present you their works, saturated with summer motifs and reflecting the coordinate system of the heroes of our time - young and beautiful and carefree”: the organizers of the ARTIS PROJECT Natalia Elshanskaya and Anastasia Potanina opened the evening with these words.

According to the organizers, the main goal to which the ARTIS PROJECT is striving is to transform contemporary art into an organic component of everyday life, give exhibition guests the opportunity not only to see contemporary art, but to feel and understand it.

According to the tradition, during the evening, everyone who came to PMLOFT HALL waited not only for a meeting with the works of artists, but also for an interesting accompanying program. Its main event was the lecture of the artist, art historian and art theorist Dmitry Gutov "Phenomenology of the tin can". The history of the emergence of American pop art and the experiments of its founder Andy Warhol became an occasion for talking about the historical development of still life, the origins of objectlessness in painting and the factors determining the success of an artist in contemporary art.

Excursions for visitors that evening were held by art critic and editor-in-chief of the portal Alexander Evangeli and leading art critic of the ARTIS PROJECT Anna Smirnova. Alina Rostotskaya and the group Jazzmobaile helped to add visual impressions with music.

As usual, the exhibition was accompanied by an instagram vote, the winner of which was Dmitry Shorin’s painting “Makholet”.

We thank all the guests who came to the event, as well as our partners who helped to organize this art evening. We are waiting for you again!



IIGnilickaya Kseniya
84 x 114
2011 г.
IIIGnilickaya Kseniya
119 x 174
2011 г.
IVGnilickaya Kseniya
122 x 146
2008 г.
VIIGnilickaya Kseniya
156 x 169
2010 г.
VIIIGnilickaya Kseniya
152 x 113
2008 г.
XGnilickaya Kseniya
210 x 145
2010 г.