Contemporary Russian art


26 February, 2016

Post release

On February 26, the first exhibition in the framework of the ARTIS PROJECT created by Anastasia Potanina took place in Moscow. The main goals of the project are to popularize contemporary art and promote young talents in Russia. At a private presentation at the Triumph Gallery guests were presented with a conceptual space inspired by the works of contemporary Russian artists. The first exhibition was called “Positive Art. The Edge”.

The large red hall of the gallery housed the works of the participants of the creative association “VGLAZ” such as Gosha Ostretsov, Dmitry Bulnygin and Kristina Yatkovskaya. Representatives of different generations have created here a single “symphony of bright individuals” (# artisvision). The exposition was accompanied by a dance performance integrated into bright abstractions.

Art works of another group of like-minded people, graduates of the Surikov Institute such as Polina Arzamastseva, Yulia Malinina, Irina Grabor, Elizaveta Nistratova, Svetlana Temchuk and Alexey Zhuchkov were housed in the lower, white hall. Inspired by the urban environment, they showed the usual things in the new original aesthetics, combining the ideas of street art with academic canons (# artiscity). The audience explored urban plots under the sounds of the streets, which the participants of the unusual ensemble extracted from ordinary objects, which little resembled musical instruments.

The guests of the exhibition had the opportunity to talk with the authors of the paintings, and to learn more about the ideas and meanings invested in the exhibited works. The works of the participants often did not radiate joy, but at the same time they were filled with positive and optimistic energy, they combined subtle humor and harmony. Some visitors liked the paintings so much that they wanted to buy them from the creators.


JuliaMalinina Yuliya
40 x 50
2014 г.
LookMalinina Yuliya
40 x 50
2014 г.
Девочка с пистолетомOstrecov Georgiy
Композиция, 200 x 180
2005 г.
ИнжирArzamasceva Polina
63 x 104
2013-2015 г.