Contemporary Russian art


21-23 July, 2017

Post release

On July 21-23, at Winzavod was held an art-weekend of the ARTIS PROJECT "SOCIETY OF CONSUMPTION. SUBLIMATION OF DESIRES".

The exhibition, which became its central event, was attended by seven artists who demonstrated a variety of unique author's styles and very dissimilar views of the contradictory world of human desires.

The exhibition space, located on two floors, accommodates the subtle and ironic oil pastels of Vladimir Kolesnikov; cheerful works of the Tvorogov Brothers, appealing to the culture of comics, decorative and colorful; full of soft humor painting by Maria Lykova; poster-graphic and at the same time touching works by Sasha Yanchenko; soft-marshmallow ceramic compositions by Darya Neretina; closely intertwined with the history of art, Max Bashev's grotesque canvases; picturesque art pieces by Leta Dobrovolskaya and special exhibition project – the installation "Louboutin", prepared by a team of ARTIS PROJECT.

As usual, at the opening of the art-weekend guests were waited by art surprises and meetings with the authors of the works presented: Sasha Yanchenko and Darya Neretina, as well as Leta Dobrovolskaya, who created two new works especially for the ARTIS PROJECT, and Maria Lykova, who first presented this evening to the audience the painting series "Little Weaknesses".

The opening of the art-weekend was not without interesting performances: the author of the ironically funny recitative poet Demian became the guest of the ARTIS PROJECT.

Superman and Catwoman carefully examined each canvas. Well, the rest of the guests went on a tour of the halls, along with art historians and exhibition curator Anna Smirnova.

This evening, the whole atmosphere created at the exhibition site, invited guests not only to learn art, but to relax in summer too. You could wander around the exposition with a huge hamburger or a glass of ice cream in your hands, and relax after meeting with art in a cozy cartoon room, where the Simpsons were so blatant in their desires.

It was possible to make sure of how diverse the desires and tastes of people were not only looking at the works of artists, but also following the course of the audience voting, which for the first time on the opening day of the art-weekend passed not only on the Instagram, but also directly in the auditorium, specially designated "Consumer Corner". Within a few hours, virtually every one of the authors visited the leaders in a tense struggle for audience sympathy. But in the end, the prize still went to Daria Neretina and her composition “Carrot ordinary.” And the leader of the Internet voting this evening was the work of Maria Lykova.

On Saturday and Sunday, the entrance to the exhibition was free for all visitors of WINZAVOD. As a result, over 800 people came to get acquainted with the project, each of whom was able to carry along a good mood and a funny photo against the background of the ARTIS press wall that this time was hung with such desirable donuts.

The next art-weekend of the ARTIS PROJECT will be held in September.