Contemporary Russian art


27-29 October, 2017

Post release

The Art Weekend of the ARTIS PROJECT named “Private Territory. Rules of the keyhole” was held on October 27 - 29, 2017 at WINZAVOD.

This time, the ARTIS PROJECT made an unexpected gift to the guests, having held the event at two sites of the WINZAVOD at once: at the Vintage Hall and at the ARTIS GALLERY.

The main theme of the art weekend was the study of the boundaries between personal and public in the modern world, which formed the basis for the concept of the works of artists who took part in the project. The exposition of the Vintage Hall gathered four young authors: Sasha Robinson, Nastya Miro, Natalia Ryabova and Anna Krasnaya. The exhibition at the gallery was presented by Alexey and Anton Tvorogovy, Kristina Yatkovskaya, Leta Dobrovolskaya, Sasha Yanchenko.

Dreamy, as if slipping over the reality, characters of Natalia Ryabova; impudent and sexy insta-girls by Sasha Robinson; chaste, even naked, portraits of Anastasia Miro; at ease frolicking in the blue water and seemingly not noticing the audience at all, girls from the paintings of Anna Krasnaya: all of them fit perfectly into the cozy, home interior of the Vintage Hall.

The "key" to understanding their inner world could be found by taking part in a quest held within the art-weekend on October 27. Tips for solving assignments were hidden in the stories of curators of the exhibition Anna Smirnova and Natalia Krasnook, who conducted excursions for the guests, in an interview with the artists themselves, who presented their paintings, including those made specifically for the ARTIS PROJECT, in verses by Daria Kravchuk, played to the accompaniment of keys and double bass.

Surprise for the guests was one of the quest stations, located on the territory of ARTIS GALLERY, where an installation with real sea sand and shells was added to the exposition. The installation continued the theme of Sasha Yanchenko's works, in which the beach and the bath are bordering spaces at the intersection of private and public. The works of the brothers Tvorogovy brought the audience to the mysterious world of the fairytale cave, making them involved in sacral processes. And the paintings by Leta Dobrovolskaya and Kristina Yatkovskaya reflected the perception of reality in the Internet era, where the line between the personal and the public is particularly blurred.

In addition to the prizes for completing the quest, the luckiest guests of the evening were waiting for a prize in the lottery of souvenirs with the symbols of the project. As for the awards given to artists based on the results of traditional Internet voting, this time Nastya Miro and Sasha Robinson became their owners, whose works scored the most “likes” on the ARTIS PROJECT page on Instagram.

On Sunday, October 29, visitors of the art-weekend were also waited by a musical surprise – the Museum Music Project. Four techno-sets from four DJs presented the exposition of the Vintage Hall in an unexpected musical setting.

The next ARTIS PROJECT art-weekend is also planned for December at two sites: in the Triumph Gallery and ARTIS GALLERY.