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15-17 December, 2017

Post release

The last ARTIS PROJECT art-weekend of this year, entitled “Gravity of Thought”, was held on December 15-17 in the heart of Moscow in the Triumph Gallery, which is opposite to GUM.

The event focused on an exhibition of young artists who embodied their vision of the concept of “Gravity of Thought”: Sasha Kim, Sergey Bloch, Anton Totibadze, Nikolay Onishchenko, Kirill Silantyev and Yana Bulantseva.

The exposition was opened by paintings by Sergey Bloch, directing with their original octagon and circle shapes to the idea of ​​infinity. Bloch is a master of symbolism; his works are filled with concepts and metaphors that refer to mythology and literature. For example, the series "Vowels" has shown the visualization of the poem of the same name by the great French poet Arthur Rambo.

Abstract works by Sasha Kim brought the audience to the ideal world, which the artist is trying to embody like a frozen musical score of lines and colors or a moment of invisible energy movements.

The installation “Brains” of the sculptor Kirill Silantyev, consisting of seven gypsum objects in the form of a brain, painted in seven different colors, is devoted to a variety of ways of thinking of people and their world perception.

Anton Totibadze presented his traditional metaphysical still lifes, the main characters of which were juicy food and equally appetizing alcoholic beverages.

Especially for the art-weekend, Nikolay Onishchenko created works in the form of a circle, referring to the cosmogonic system of the world order.

The guests were especially interested in the special project –  the work of artist Yana Bulantseva “Circus”, made in the fusing technique, representing the auditorium and the circus itself, consisting of transparent and black glass figurines that fascinate with their fragility and weightlessness.

The closed event of the art-weekend took place on Friday evening December 15th.

The main surprise of the evening was a fashion show, which featured a collection of stylish hoodie featuring pug dogs created by artists Anton and Alexey Tvorogov.

Now original sweatshirts can be purchased at ARTIS GALLERY at Winzavod.

The show ended with a performance by young gymnasts who actually showed what gravity is.

By tradition, a lottery was held among the guests of the evening, where the most successful participants received prizes with the symbols of the ARTIS PROJECT. And the audience award, given to artists on the basis of Instagram voting, this time was shared by Sergey Bloch, Kirill Silantyev and Nikolay Onishchenko. It was difficult to determine the guests, whose work is preferred.