Contemporary Russian art


20 July, 2018

Post release

The summer art evening by the ARTIS Project with the bright name Glam Art Day was held in the Duran Bar on July the 20th, located on the the Trechgorka creative cluster territory.

The event concept was devoted to the phenomenon of glamour, and the main theme  has traditionally become an exhibition of young artists who reflected the aesthetics of this phenomenon: Anastasia Prokofyeva, Ksenia Sopova, Natalia Krasnook, Anna German, Niso Atakhanova.

Art by Anastasia Prokofyeva and Ksenia Sopova, is made in a realistic manner and filled with the attributes of the bohemian style, provided an illustration of an IT-girl lifestyle. And the bright canvases of Niso Atakhanova are a dream of an ideal world, a paradise garden, where everyone wants to get in.

Natalia Krasnook showed scenes of glamorous life in the present moment. Her characters enjoy youth, music and dancing under the splashes of champagne and explosions of fireworks, and meet dawn in a cozy cafe.

The stylish paintings by Anna Herman refer to the illustrations of fashion magazines. Juicy colors, heroines look like model and familiar creat an atmosphere of gloss and luxury.

The theme of glamor that evening was also revealed by art historian and journalist Maria Santi, who gave a lecture “Glamor in art. Shame and fear hidden behind the perfect ideals of different eras".

The real surprise was the caramel performance by Ivan Khryashchikov, the audience watched the birth of the sweet works made of caramel during it.

The glamourous mood was perfectly complemented with the fiery dance by the participants of the international dance tournament Royal Cup - Zakharchuk Anastasia and Gerasimov Svyatoslav. And exciting vocal of soul-singer Anna Volkova created an amazingly relaxed atmosphere.

The evening ended with the delivery of prizes to the winners of the lottery among the guests - magical aromas from Aqua di Parma, author's caramel flowers from Ivan Khryashchikov. The prize of audience sympathy among artists went to Anastasia Prokofyeva, and the special prize from ARTIS went to Ivan Khryashchikov.

The next event ARTIS Project is planning an exhibition of thematic works during the first international tournament on sports and ballroom dancing ROYAL CUP, which will be held in Moscow on September 8 this year at the Hyatt Regency Moscow Petrovsky Park Hotel.

ROYAL CUP tickets can be purchased on the website: https: //


A la russeSopova Kseniya
живопись, 70 x 80
2015 г.
BreakfastProkof'eva Anastasiya
живопись, 91 x 121
2012 г.
CasinoGerman Anna
живопись, 40 x 60
2017 г.
Five o'clockProkof'eva Anastasiya
живопись, 91 x 122
2012 г.
FLORAGerman Anna
живопись, 40 x 30
2018 г.
H25WDHryaschikov Ivan
60 x 60
2017 г.
Silver danceProkof'eva Anastasiya
живопись, 50 x 70
2013 г.
TUKANOAtahanova Niso
60 x 60
2015 г.
АнонимSopova Kseniya
живопись, 65 x 50
2016 г.
Белый пудельSopova Kseniya
живопись, 80 x 80
2017 г.
День-ночьProkof'eva Anastasiya
живопись, 50 x 60
2011 г.
Солнце вышлоProkof'eva Anastasiya
живопись, 50 x 70
2015 г.
ТАМGerman Anna
40 x 50
2017 г.
ТанецProkof'eva Anastasiya
живопись, 60 x 80
2015 г.
Утро в ПарижеKrasnook Nataliya
живопись, 70 x 50
2017 г.
Учись, деткаProkof'eva Anastasiya
живопись, 50 x 60
2013 г.